The WitchHunt Podcast

The WitchHunt Podcast

Hosted by: Alexandra Hughes

Everyone and their cat is talking about witches. But what is a Witch? Or a Medicine Woman, or Priestess? How does one become one? And what is the common thread between women who identify as such magical creatures? ...


Witchwounds, Websites & Work With Me pages: Alex shares her healing journey towards putting her magic out there ✨

Season #1 Episode #1

In this POP-UP episode, Alex shares her story of how she’s been knowingly and unknowingly staying small and safe, by allowing her witch wound around visibility to stop those who could benefit from working with her, to...
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The Official WitchHunt Podcast Trailer

Season #1 Episode #1

Everyone and their cat is talking about witches. But what is a Witch? Or a Medicine Woman, or Priestess? How does one become one? And what is the common thread between women who identify as such magical creatures?...
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A PRIESTESS REMEMBERED. A PODCAST BORN: A divinely guided tale of how this came to be, as experienced by your hostess, Andean Priestess, Witch and Medicine Woman, Alexandra Raquel Hughes

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode, hostess Alexandra Raquel Hughes tells a very serpentine 🐍 like story of how the podcast came to be. She shares her own personal awakening and mysterious ascension into Priestess/ Witch/ Medicine Woman...
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To Be Turned On By Life: A Witchy Conversation with Creatrix & Radical Sex Witch, Carla Wainwright

Season #1 Episode #3

 In this episode Creatrix and Radical Sex Witch, Carla Wainwright, tells us how she always knew she was different as a child. How she tried to fit in, until she couldn't anymore. She tells us how she expanded her...
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Alchemize & Decolonize Your Nervous System: : A powerful conversation with shapeshifter, nervous system alchemist & Sorceress Elisha Halpin

Season #1 Episode #4

In this episode, Shapeshifter, Nervous System Alchemist and Sorceress, Elisha Halpin, shares in detail, her moment of awakening — a mystical experience of transcending time and space in an Irish stone circle. She...
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Mysteries and Technologies Revealed: a conversational visit into the knowings of High Priestess, Ella Manor

Season #1 Episode #5

Ever wonder what a modern day High Priestess is? Or more importantly, what her work looks like? In this episode, Sirian High Priestess of Love, Energy Alchemist & Healing Mentor, Ella Manor, generously shares the...
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Breaking Patriarchal Rules and Putting Moms at Centre: a radical conversation rooted in matriarchal wisdom, featuring Rebeka Gentian, mother, lover, designer, productivity coach for Mothers & Witch.

Season #1 Episode #6

Wow! This episode is revolutionary and for the mamas out there, it’ll hit very close to home and I know it’s a little early to do this, but I’m encouraging you to spread the post-patriarchal message for moms that’s...
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Harnessing cosmic energies: a story of leaving home to find home, peace & the power that lives within, with astrologist business consultant and witch, Patricia Panasri

Season #1 Episode #7

In this episode you have the privilege of meeting witch, Patricia Panasri — an astrologer and business consultant who helps coaches and service providers get the confident cosmic confirmation to crank up the volume on...
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Cosmic Cycles helping make sense of it all: an astrological explanation of WTF is going on here on planet Earth, with Witch, Astrologist & Business Consultant Patricia Panasri

Season #1 Episode #8

Welcome to this extra special bonus episode of the WitchHunt podcast!    We air this episode on the March Equinox of 2022, marking the second year anniversary of the global pandemic, the end of the astrological year...
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Destructions, Rebirths and the Messy Be-Do-Be-Do Dance towards a New Earth: A fiery conversation with author, 8-figure entrepreneur & activist, Dr. Angela Lauria (Goddess name: Kali)

Season #2 Episode #1

Wow! We’re really feeling into some of that Arian energies as we head into Season 2 of the WitchHunt podcast! Our first episode of the season is an interview with Dr. Angela Lauria, who’s recently taken on the Goddess...
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A MYSTIC POST-PATRIARCHAL DEEP DIVE INTO THE EARTH SCHOOL EXPERIMENT, with mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, plant-based healer and Fire Priestess of Hestia, Julie Piatt (aka Sri Mati)

Season #2 Episode #2

If you’ve ever wondered about the women out there that follow their calling boldly and unapologetically, you are not going to want to miss this episode! Julie Piatt is indeed a powerful living example of how to love...
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Transforming Shadow Into Light: A Conversation On Truth, Expansion & Soul Growth With Heart Guide & Witch, Arya Yaguareté

Season #2 Episode #3

Welcome to the 11th episode — episode 3 of season 2, of the WitchHunt podcast! This is an exceptionally touching conversation with Witch and Heart Guide Arya Yaguareté, who shares with us her dark night of the soul,...
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