The WitchHunt Podcast

The WitchHunt Podcast

Hosted by: Alexandra Hughes

Everyone and their cat is talking about witches. But what is a Witch? Or a Medicine Woman, or Priestess? How does one become one? And what is the common thread between women who identify as such magical creatures? ...


Diversity, Freedom & Witchcraft: Stories & Know-How from Community Leader & Priestess of the Witch & Pagan Network

Season #4 Episode #20

Hello and welcome to episode 20 of the WitchHunt podcast! In this episode I introduce you to Jennifer Morris, a leader in the community and priestess of the Witch and Pagan Network. Jen is a Witch of pagan tradition...
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Spiritual Rebellion: Exploring Christ & the Feminine, with Medicine Woman, Grief Alchemist & Self-Care Strategist, Sheila Botelho

Season #4 Episode #21

Welcome to episode 21 of the WitchHunt podcast, where I introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Sheila Botelho in our conversation around Spiritual Rebellion: Exploring Christ, the Feminine & Grief Alchemy. Sheila...
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