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Spiritual Rebellion: Exploring Christ & the Feminine, with Medicine Woman, Grief Alchemist & Self-Care Strategist, Sheila Botelho

Season #4 Episode #21

Welcome to episode 21 of the WitchHunt podcast, where I introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Sheila Botelho in our conversation around Spiritual Rebellion: Exploring Christ, the Feminine & Grief Alchemy.

Sheila is a Self Care Strategist who guides female entrepreneurs into having a greater impact without burning out. She offers online wellness programs and conscious-living guidance. And also offers much incredible wisdom in her podcast Connect with Sheila Botelho. Sheila’s a woman with magic that will help you get past limiting beliefs and overwhelm, and step towards what lights you up.

In this episode Sheila’s curious and loving nature shines. She shares her journey pealing back the layers of her Christian faith, and how this has helped her break social rules, trust herself, and embrace her own inner rebel spirituality.

She also tells us how over time, she’s learned to alchemize the grief and pain emerging from the losses of her dear ones into a passion for living life fully, for living into her purpose, for connecting and loving.

Sheila’s positive life-loving energy is contagious and I know you’re going to be spellbound, just as I was by this incredible healer and Medicine Woman.



P.S. As we step into the Autumn, here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re beginning to embrace that Squirrel like energy of digging things up, and harvesting here at the WitchHunt podcast. As I dive into what feels superfluous and what feels ripe and nourishing in my world, and in the podcast, I’d love to learn what you, beautiful listener want more of, and less of. To gather your insight, I’ve created a super simple 3-minute survey which is linked up in the show notes. Help me make this podcast even more amazing by sharing how it lands for you by clicking HERE.


More about Sheila & her magic

Sheila Botelho is a Self Care Strategist. She gives female entrepreneurs tools and strategies to make an impact in their life, business, relationships and the world – without burning out. Sheila has been in the wellness space for more than 26 years.

After losing her sister to cancer in 2013, she saw a need for women to tune in to how they’re truly feeling and prioritize their self-care. She founded, where she runs online and group wellness programs and does 1:1 coaching with female entrepreneurs.

As the host of the Connect with Sheila Botelho Podcast, Sheila shares inspiring interviews, solo chats, and Q&A sessions to enrich your journey for more satisfaction in your health, business, and relationships. Listen here.

Sheila also has a beautiful presence on social media — @sheilaabotelho

Oh! And watch for Sheila's upcoming wellness app. Click here to learn more about that.

Sheila lives near Toronto, Canada with her husband and their two teenage sons.