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A one-stop shop for out-of-the-box women awakening to the soul-led badass self you were born to be.


Everything has meaning.


There are no coincidences.


You were born and designed exactly as you are — at exactly the right moment, in exactly the right place — to carry out your unique soul mission.


The Great Mother & all her children are counting on you to unearth this mission, heal yourself of conditioning that's held you back, connect with your soul, follow her lead and step into the unapologetic I-don't-give-a-f*ck version of yourself — ready & equipped to change cultures & worlds.


Here's how...


Three sacred paths to explore:


Soul Journey


For the woman ready to connect with her soul so she can access her intuitive wisdom, find answers from within, heal & RISE. Because it’s time for that bold, authentic, and fully expressed version of your whole self to wake the heck up.  

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Sacred Awakening


For the woman ready to reprogram outdated patterns, reconnect with her deepest desires, realign with her soul's calling & take action to embody it. Think: high touch support, internal liberation & delicious sacred sisterhood'ing.

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Soul Messaging


For the woman ready to  captivate & connect with her soulmate clients by showing up whole so she can make the world-changing impact she was born to make. Think: soul voice activation, conversion messaging & copy.

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I’m Alex, a Priestess, soul activator, whisperer & intuitive word witch.  My mission is to awaken your soul & help you show up whole & holy, so that you can honor your mission & change worlds — all while creating a life that feels sacred & turns you on. 


More about me

I'm all about showing up whole & sharing what it means to live a soul-led life, even when it's scary as f*ck. 


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