In March 2020 I felt called to go inward and explore my Life Purpose, and how best I can honor it so that I can contribute with impact to the global transformation that we are all witnessing.

It has been a time of deep introspection and metamorphosis. 

And woven through the magical moments of my Sacred Pause something beautiful emerged:

A sense of Full-Aliveness

Of wholeness. 


It's hard to put into one word, but here’s what it feels like post-pause:

I’m not scared anymore

I simply don’t give a fuck what other people think.

I hear and trust my intuition. I know she knows. 

And I can access and hear her knowing - loud and clear.

Plus, I’m excited about those parts of myself that I used to hide - my witchy, moon following, fierce side.


I’ve never felt so connected to my body, the Earth and the cosmos. 

It’s - quite literally - WILD.

Beautiful, bold and empowering!

More than ever I know that now is the time for mothers like you to listen to the wisdom of your soul and build her up!

The World needs you and your soul in top shape.

Consider this your invitation (and permission slip) to pause and step into the sacredness that is you!

The SACRED PAUSE - a free 5-day on-line Programme for mothers who are ready to honour their call to go from Hustle to Harmony, from Martyrdom to Magic and from Sacrificial to Sacred Living. 

Whether you’re reading this and you’re feeling a HELL YA swell up inside of you, or a this sounds so cool...but… then I strongly encourage you to go for it!


Here's how it works: 

  1. You enter your name and email in the box below 👇
  2. You receive a Welcome Email explaining everything you need to know to prepare for this sacred journey. 
  3. Every day (for 5 days) beginning on 20 July, I send you an email with an invitation to take one of the join me in one of my simple, yet Sacred and Queenly practices that will✨ Activate your parasympathetic nervous system i.e., relax you ✨ Energize you ✨ Connect you with your divine intuition
  4. You lean into our Sacred Pause Facebook Group to ask for feedback and help whenever you need to. I'll be there!


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We start on July 20!