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Going Astray to Find the Goddess Who Lives Within

Season #4 Episode #24

Welcome to episode 24 of the WitchHunt podcast, featuring an incredibly courageous and beautiful soul, Arlia Hoffman.

In this episode, Arlia shares with us the tender and inspiring story of how she stepped out of the perfect mom life, into a life of counter-cultural sovereignty.

She tells us about her divorce, and most incredible rebirth. Rebirth into a truth that meant leaving her family and living a revolutionary life where she honored her true poly-amorous, bisexual self, role modeling self-defined sovereignty to her daughters.

She tells us how she knows when she’s doing “the right thing”, the magic of body and intuitive-led micro-choices and what being monogamous to her own soul means to her.

Arlia's story of bold courage is going to blow you away. And I know you’re going to love her gentle yet strong and inspiring energy.

Enjoy this episode with this beautiful Priestess of Aphrodite.



P.S. Please note that in honor of Winter’s coming on in the Northern Hemisphere — our blessed season of rest — the WitchHunt podcast is going to take a sacred pause over this coming moon cycle. Our next episode will air near to the December solstice. 

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More about Arlia and her magic

Arlia Hoffman is founder of The Women’s Agency. She is a podcast coach and producer, and an advocate for women in podcasting. After leaving the corporate world and having a spiritual awakening before the age of 40, Arlia created her own media company working in photography, social media and website design.  Ten year later, she earned Masters in Depth Psychology and began coaching women and working in leadership development.   Since 2020, Arlia has been a busy podcast producer and host of her own podcast, “The Women’s Sanctuary.”  She recently founded The Women’s Agency, a full-service coaching and production company designed to empower women’s voices.   Arlia has found her true passion combining her expertise as a podcast producer and her love for helping women step into their full power.

You can find her at and