The WitchHunt Podcast

The WitchHunt Podcast

Hosted by: Alexandra Hughes

Everyone and their cat is talking about witches. But what is a Witch? Or a Medicine Woman, or Priestess? How does one become one? And what is the common thread between women who identify as such magical creatures? ...


Fertility, Motherhood & Super Woman syndrome: a conversation on initiations, healing and knowing the wisdom of your body, with Priestess Jackie Dominas

Season #6 Episode #35

Welcome to Episode 35 of the WitchHunt podcast! In this episode, Jackie shares how both her fertility and motherhood journeys served as initiations into a spiritual deep dive that led to her Priestess training. She...
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Re-membering the Sacred Feminine: Forging a Contemporary Women's Liberation Movement where Ancient Wisdom & Sacred Technology Meet, with Witch & Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, the lovely Sarah Jenks

Season #6 Episode #36

Welcome to Episode 36 of the WitchHunt podcast, where I’m thrilled to share an absolutely on-fire WitchHunt interview with Sarah Jenks!   Sarah is an ordained Priestess in the 13 Moon Mystery School. She’s devoted her...
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In Your Wildest Dreams: A conversation on healing miracles & soul-inspired living with Daydream facilitator, Priestess, Witch & Artist, Deanna Lankin

Season #6 Episode #37

Welcome to episode 37 of the WitchHunt podcast!    The woman you are going to meet today is not only very dear to me, she is also someone who facilitated my initiation on the Priestess Path.    Meet the lovely Witch,...
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On A Mission: An Honest Conversation On Decolonizing the Personal Development Industry, with Trailblazing Leader & Indigenous Author, Speaker & Mentor, Emily Anne Brant

Season #6 Episode #38

Welcome to Episode 38, On A Mission. In this episode you get the privilege of meeting and learning from Emily Anne Brant — an indigenous author, speaker and mentor on a mission to decolonize the personal development,...
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Embracing your inner rebel to bring mountain witch dreams to life

Season #6 Episode #39

I met today’s guest, Chanti Zak, 5 years ago when I hired her to build a quiz funnel for me. It was an amazing experience that did wonders for the business I had back then. But it was just me hiring a lovely smart...
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