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The WitchHunt Podcast

The WitchHunt Podcast

Hosted by: Alexandra Hughes

Everyone and their cat is talking about witches. But what is a Witch? Or a Medicine Woman, or Priestess? How does one become one? And what is the common thread between women who identify as such magical creatures? ...


Rewilding the Witch Within: Kiki Keskinen on Nature, Magic, and Building a School for Modern Witches

Season #10 Episode #53

On this potent Full Moon and Eclipse, that follows the energetic rebirth of the Spring Equinox, I have the privilege of introducing you to one of my teachers, now a dear friend on the Witchhunt podcast.   Meet Kiki...
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The Eye of the Storm: A Conversation on Anger, Love & the Medicine of the Sacred Masculine

Season #10 Episode #54

Welcome to episode 54 of the WitchHunt podcast. This is a conversation that dances at the intersection of love, anger and the healing medicine of the sacred masculine. We talk about the importance of not only...
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Witches on the Frontlines: Social Justice, Healing, and Revolution, a conversation with Dawn Moore, eclectic Witch, prison abolitionist and social justice activist.

Season #10 Episode #55

Hello and welcome to episode 55 of the Witchhunt podcast.You ready to talk about what it means to take our work as Witches, to the frontlines of change? Meet Dawn Moore, an eclectic witch and social justice...
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The Arts of Letting Go and Magicianship Living: a podcast with conscious creator, conduit of healing through light and touch.

Season #10 Episode #56

Welcome to Episode 56 of the Witchhunt podcast. This is a story of real life magic and miracles. And of what it takes to live a life of magicianship. Meet Danielle Brooks, serial without-a-plan-meanderer, conscious...
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Empowerment, Play, and the Magic of Words: A Conversation with Spiritual Doula and Priestess Pamela French

Season #10 Episode #57

Welcome to episode 57 of the WitchHunt podcast: Empowerment, Play, and the Magic of Words: A Conversation with Spiritual Doula and Priestess Pamela French In this episode, Pamela, a priestess with a passion for words,...
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On Universal Truths, Sacred Feminine Ceremony & What it can do for you

Season #10 Episode #58

In this episode, we explore universal truths and the cyclical rhythms of nature, touching upon how these rhythms influence our lives and the way we interact with the world. The discussion delves into ancient practices...
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