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Mysteries and Technologies Revealed: a conversational visit into the knowings of High Priestess, Ella Manor

Season #1 Episode #5

Ever wonder what a modern day High Priestess is? Or more importantly, what her work looks like?

In this episode, Sirian High Priestess of Love, Energy Alchemist & Healing Mentor, Ella Manor, generously shares the divinely downloaded technology she uses to heal her clients into their higher selves.

She tells us how she came to identify as a Starseed and High Priestess, and gives us insight into all the magic gifts she has, how she offers them in her healing work, and how she honors them in her day to day.

Ella also shares the most amazing story of how creativity — in the form of a 20 year self-portraiting photography project — healed her witch wounds, life after life after life. Oh! And she gifts us (me) by geeking out with me on all those super woo terms you may hear, but aren’t quite sure what they mean. Don’t miss out on this episode where you’ll be guided through the world of Starseeds, past life trauma healing, cosmic relationships and so much more!

About Ella. Ella Manor is the healing mentor + love & success coach for female spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, and artists. Shehelps women heal love & money blocks and connect more deeply to their intuition so they can lead & thrive from their magic. Through her divinely downloaded method "the Soul Key Technology™, Ella supports the physical, emotional, cognitive & spiritual layers needed for transformation that lasts. Her programs serve ambitious, sensitive humans in creating cosmic relationships - ones that nourish and rejuvenate them, romantically, financially and with the divine.

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