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Transforming Shadow Into Light: A Conversation On Truth, Expansion & Soul Growth With Heart Guide & Witch, Arya Yaguareté

Season #2 Episode #3

Welcome to the 11th episode — episode 3 of season 2, of the WitchHunt podcast!

This is an exceptionally touching conversation with Witch and Heart Guide Arya Yaguareté, who shares with us her dark night of the soul, and how honoring the shadow and the truth that lay within the shadow led her to the most mystical of rebirths.

Arya shares with us her courageous story of miscarriage, divorce and leaving her 6-figure job as a corporate leader in Toronto to honor her true calling in a small mountain town. She tells us how these experiences — albeit terrifying at times — took her into to her true, empowered self. And how she has, throughout it all, managed to honor each and every part of her journey so as to emerge whole, wise, strong and in a place of full trust.

One of my favorite nuggets is Arya’s wise share around how the witchhunts and long-standing witchwound that stems from us turning on our sisters can serve us in deepening an authentic relationship with ourselves. Listen to the episode to hear more.

This is an episode for all you Witches out there who are curious about shadow work, and the potential it has to support your fulfillment, magic potential and energetic expansion.

I know you’re going to love it!



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A little more about Arya and her work

Arya Yaguareté guides soulful beings to transform the pain of their pasts into new expansive possibilities. Having gone through this journey herself, Arya’s heartbreaking miscarriage resulted in her walking away from a stereotypical dream life. She left her marriage, her 6-figure corporate career and moved across the country to a small mountain town. Through her firsthand experience working with the divine and her own inner knowing, Arya learned to embody her true self and courageously created a fulfilling life. Over the years, she has guided many seekers to recognize and love who they truly are and live into an expansive version of themselves.

You can find Arya here: and access her Portal of Possibility free workbook here: And here are her social media hooks: Instagram: @mariajuzwin and Facebook: @mariajuzwin