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Harnessing cosmic energies: a story of leaving home to find home, peace & the power that lives within, with astrologist business consultant and witch, Patricia Panasri

Season #1 Episode #7

In this episode you have the privilege of meeting witch, Patricia Panasri — an astrologer and business consultant who helps coaches and service providers get the confident cosmic confirmation to crank up the volume on their life's mission.

Patricia shares her story of transformation, and how she went from unconsciously rolling from one thing to the next until, after getting her Masters, she went backpacking through SE Asia.

From being a dedicated planner she found herself experiencing life where there was no path. In Thailand she learned to synch with the cycles of nature, to rest deeply and simply be. This is also where she fell in love, and started a family. And where she discovered the magic of astrology.

This episode tells the most beautiful story of a woman left home, to find home — from the inside out, and with a connection to the cosmos.

We talk about the practical power of astrology, how it helps you to make sense of the way of being that you already experience. We talk about the magic of mercury retrograde — and how it invites us to rest and reflect and live through/ learn from the mud that we sometimes need to go through on our way to success.

There is great wisdom, and an open door to more inner peace during these turbulent times.

Enjoy the episode!


More About Patricia.

Patricia harnesses astrology to provide practical and detailed guidance to business owners, so they know exactly what to do when. This way they’re able to make a bigger impact, have more free time and abundance by working more efficiently and effectively.

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