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To Be Turned On By Life: A Witchy Conversation with Creatrix & Radical Sex Witch, Carla Wainwright

Season #1 Episode #3

 In this episode Creatrix and Radical Sex Witch, Carla Wainwright, tells us how she always knew she was different as a child. How she tried to fit in, until she couldn't anymore. She tells us how she expanded her consciousness through sexual awakening and how this led her to reclaim her inner witch, and step into her role as a Priestess. She shares some practices that keep her magic flowing. And gives us answers to some juicy questions, like:

  • What gets in the way of women’s magic?
  • Why is pleasure, embodiment and turn on important — especially for women? 

Don’t miss this episode where we talk radical sex, magic, nature, power, pleasure bodies and miracles! 


About Carla.

A former wildlife biologist and homeopathic practitioner, Carla is a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach based in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. She is also co-creatrix of a podcast called The Radical Sex Witches which focuses on honouring feminine wisdom, reclaiming our inner witch and embracing sexual power. She is also breathworker, an Earth Priestess and a healer. Carla is in a long-term loving partnership with her beloved and together they are raising 3 free-range teens. Her desire is that women everywhere move from surviving to thriving and experience more ease, nourishment, pleasure and turn-on in life.


Carla has been in service to women on the path of embodiment, wholeness, and empowerment for more than 25 years. Her work bridges ancient tantric and earth wisdom tools combined with the latest in neuroscience to release fear, shame, guilt and trauma and instead embrace confidence, radiance and vitality. Ultimately this connects us to our feminine creativity, sexuality and personal power and supports us to become balanced and strong in all areas of our lives.


You can find Carla at, or on Instagram: @carlawainwright OR have a listen to her podcast: The Radical Sex Witches 🎧


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