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A PRIESTESS REMEMBERED. A PODCAST BORN: A divinely guided tale of how this came to be, as experienced by your hostess, Andean Priestess, Witch and Medicine Woman, Alexandra Raquel Hughes

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode, hostess Alexandra Raquel Hughes tells a very serpentine 🐍 like story of how the podcast came to be. She shares her own personal awakening and mysterious ascension into Priestess/ Witch/ Medicine Woman land. She talks about her Sacred Pause experience and how wise sisters (and one amazing warlock) healed her through the shadows and into a place where she could hear the call to birth this exciting project. She also gets vulnerable and shares both how her podcasting-induced visibility-related witch wound quite literally petrified her, and how the big divinely guided WHY kept her going.


This is the introduction to what will be a third-eye opening witchy adventure! Enjoy!


About Alex.

Alex is a certified intuitive feminine leadership coach and mentor, energy healer, Witch and Priestess. She’s an Earth worshiping, astrology junky (Pisces with Capricorn rising) based on Mississauga, Anishinaabe land in Toronto, Canada with 3 strong personality kiddos and her ever-loving left-brained husband. You can find Alex in the bath, dancing under the moon, walking through her Temple that is the park nearby, or here interviewing a sister Witch for this magical podcast.

Get to know Alex better at, or download her free intuition-boosting Grounded Heart meditation at She’s also got a free guide to cyclical living that may turn your witchy crank:

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