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Cosmic Cycles helping make sense of it all: an astrological explanation of WTF is going on here on planet Earth, with Witch, Astrologist & Business Consultant Patricia Panasri

Season #1 Episode #8

Welcome to this extra special bonus episode of the WitchHunt podcast! 


We air this episode on the March Equinox of 2022, marking the second year anniversary of the global pandemic, the end of the astrological year (2021/22), and the bridge between season 1 and season 2 of the WitchHunt podcast!


Times of transition between endings and beginnings are, like these, a great time for reflection.


And in this episode, we attempt to make sense of something super basic that all of us have been pondering: WTF is going on here on planet Earth??!


I'm delighted to announce that in this bonus episode, Witch and Astrologist Patricia Panasri helps us gain perspective as she sheds some light on the astrological cycles that help to explain current events.


Every spiritually curious human needs to hear this episode — enjoy!!


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