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Breaking Patriarchal Rules and Putting Moms at Centre: a radical conversation rooted in matriarchal wisdom, featuring Rebeka Gentian, mother, lover, designer, productivity coach for Mothers & Witch.

Season #1 Episode #6

Wow! This episode is revolutionary and for the mamas out there, it’ll hit very close to home and I know it’s a little early to do this, but I’m encouraging you to spread the post-patriarchal message for moms that’s rooted throughout this interview as far and wide as you can. (Yes, bringing the matriarchy home resonated deeply with me.)


Rebeka Gentian has created a living from her life as a designer + indie mama by embracing the creative feminine in the revolutionary act of mothering, by reimagining business as mother centered, and raising her family and her income at the same time.


No surprise, Rebeka’s a Witch!


In this episode, Rebeka takes us into her childhood where she shares tender stories of her experience turning to the great mother while her biological mother tended to her chronically ill younger brother. She tells of her inherent ability to communicate with her brother after he’d passed, and how this was one of the first times the considered that perhaps the world is not all she was being taught it was. All of this in a religious environment where there was no space to question authority.


Rebeka shares how in her 20s, it took a doctor’s telling her that she was going blind, and effectively losing her sight, for her to begin to question EVERYTHING —beginning with her exploration into non-conventional healing modalities. This was the beginning of her journey towards finding her own authority within.


Rebeka tells us how becoming a mother was that pivotal moment when finding her truth and living in alignment with it became a non-negotiable. And the amazing discoveries she unearthed when tracing her maternal lineage back to 1588!


She shares her passion and her commitment to place mothers at the centre of their lives — in their homes and in their businesses, sharing tips on post-patriarchal family life.


If you’re a mom struggling with overwhelm, and convinced that you can either be a good professional or a present mom, then this is for you? It’s also for you if you’re a mom exploring post-patriarchal ways of raising your kiddos.


So much good stuff! Enjoy the episode!


More about Rebeka

Rebeka has created a living from her life as a designer + indie mama by embracing the creative feminine in the revolutionary act of mothering to reimaging business as mother centered and raise her family and her income at the same time. From igniting through scaling, Rebeka helps women build sustainable businesses by design, generate their creative legacy with nourishing systems to craft a bold mother centered reimagining of business and society. 

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