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Alchemize & Decolonize Your Nervous System: : A powerful conversation with shapeshifter, nervous system alchemist & Sorceress Elisha Halpin

Season #1 Episode #4

In this episode, Shapeshifter, Nervous System Alchemist and Sorceress, Elisha Halpin, shares in detail, her moment of awakening — a mystical experience of transcending time and space in an Irish stone circle.

She tells us how her mixed lineage from highly traumatized and colonized people, including African American, Cherokee and Appalachian Irish folk, combined with her lack of lived trauma in this life, led her to study Jungian psychology, trauma work, energy healing and to honor the importance of lineage clearing work.

Elisha shares her deep knowledge and wisdom around the intimate relationship between our nervous systems and intuition, and hence, the critical importance of trauma work. She dives into why us humans aren’t regulated in the modern world, and shares the most beautiful mothering morning routine that she practices in order to heal her nervous system and live energy first.

Elisha Clark Halpin is a mentor/teacher/speaker specializing in sacred living, embodiment, and nervous system regulation. With over sixteen years in embodiment and energy-work and seven years as a spiritual mentor, Elisha has supported hundreds of women to embody their essence and activate their inner Queen.

Elisha’s mission is to support creatives, visionaries, and sacred leaders in making a significant impact in their world by developing a clear sense of accessing intuition deeply embodied self-confidence, and authentically dynamic expression. Elisha is a channel for the Divine Feminine and loves to support women to connect to their feminine nature.

Elisha’s certifications include Neurosculpting, Breathwork, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Direction. Elisha holds an MFA in Dance and Somatics and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology at the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. Elisha is the creator of EMBODIED- the community, where leaders can practice regulation and embodiment tools. Her 1:1 program Embody Your Purpose is the path of healing and activation for those ready to inhabit their soul and activate their impact in the world.

And…Elisha is super smart and funny! A true joy to speak with.

Don’t miss this episode where we unravel what it really takes to heal a witch wound, without even saying the word.

It’s a good one!








Here are the two books we mentioned. Burning Women by Lucy Pearce, and Sisters of the Solstice Moon by Gina Martin (published by Lucy Pearce) — both critical reads for anybody enjoying this podcast 🤓.

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