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The WitchHunt Podcast

The WitchHunt Podcast

Hosted by: Alexandra Hughes

Everyone and their cat is talking about witches. But what is a Witch? Or a Medicine Woman, or Priestess? How does one become one? And what is the common thread between women who identify as such magical creatures? ...


GET QUIET, LISTEN & TRUST: The Magical Story of How One Woman Healed Her Way into Her Power, with Smadar Lorie, Medicine Woman & Stone Whisperer

Season #2 Episode #5

Welcome to Episode 5 of season 2, our 13th episode of the WitchHunt podcast!   It’s called: “ Get Quiet, Listen & Trust: the magical story of how one woman healed her way into her power, with Smadar Lorie,...
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Top 3 Mistakes That Kept This Witchy Mama Entrepreneur in Get-My-Biz-Off-The-Ground-Mode for 7 Flippin’ Years

Season #2 Episode #6

In this POP UP behind-the-scenes episode of the WitchHunt podcast, Alex shares the top 3 mistakes she made that kept her passion-led business circling in financial stagnation (i.e., at $1.5K/ month-ish) for YEARS. She...
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The Power of Sistership Circles and Lunar Magic, a conversation with lunar witch and gentle warrior for the Rising Feminine, Lisbeth Savard

Season #3 Episode #1

Welcome to the 15th episode — episode 1 of season 3, of the WitchHunt podcast! This is a beautiful conversation with Lisbeth Savard — a Sistership Circle certified facilitator who specializes in Moon energy and...
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Ushering in the New Earth: An illuminating chat with New Earth Angel and Architect, and Priestess of Embodied Pleasure, Sara Yamtich

Season #3 Episode #2

Welcome to episode 2 of season 3 of the WitchHunt Podcast! This is a soul-touching episode that I’m calling Ushering in the New Earth: An illuminating chat with New Earth Angel and Architect, and Priestess of Embodied...
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Pelvic Power: A Super Fun Chat with Yogini & Healer, Catherine Middlebrooks

Season #3 Episode #4

I’m so excited to introduce to you, a dear friend of mine, Catherine Middlebrooks. In this episode, Catherine shares with us the significant role that the pelvis plays in our lives. We talk tapping, neuroscience and...
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Regenerative Living: The magic of Paganism, Wicca & Druidism, with Witch, Artist, Community Holder and Engineer, Raevyn Arwen (aka Ketsia Elizabeth)

Season #3 Episode #5

Hello and welcome to episode 5 of season 3 — our 18th episode of the WitchHunt podcast!   What are some of the first words you associate with the word witch? If the words pagan or wicca or maybe even druidism come up...
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The Mystery & Magic of Words: wise musings from psychic heart whispering mystic & healer, Susan de Vriend

Season #3 Episode #6

Welcome to episode 19 of the WitchHunt podcast — our final episode of season 3. In this episode I’m absolutely DELIGHTED to introduce you to Susan DeVriend, a reiki master, witch, medium, psychic and perhaps best...
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Diversity, Freedom & Witchcraft: Stories & Know-How from Community Leader & Priestess of the Witch & Pagan Network

Season #4 Episode #20

Hello and welcome to episode 20 of the WitchHunt podcast! In this episode I introduce you to Jennifer Morris, a leader in the community and priestess of the Witch and Pagan Network. Jen is a Witch of pagan tradition...
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Spiritual Rebellion: Exploring Christ & the Feminine, with Medicine Woman, Grief Alchemist & Self-Care Strategist, Sheila Botelho

Season #4 Episode #21

Welcome to episode 21 of the WitchHunt podcast, where I introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Sheila Botelho in our conversation around Spiritual Rebellion: Exploring Christ, the Feminine & Grief Alchemy. Sheila...
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Yo No Soy Una Bruja: a conversation with plant-witch, kitchen-witch and Witch's granddaughter's, Angela Accomando.

Season #4 Episode #22

I'm so excited to share with you episode 22 of the WitchHunt podcast: “Yo no soy una bruja” — a conversation with plant-witch, kitchen-witch and a Spanish Witch's granddaughter, Angela Accomando.   Ever wonder what it...
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Healing Visibility Witchwounds & Showing Up Whole: with Visibility Witchwound Healer & Video Coach Extraordinaire, Beth Ryan Powers

Season #4 Episode #23

Welcome to episode 23 of the WitchHunt podcast where you get the privilege of meeting Beth Ryan Powers. Beth is a Visibility Witchwound healer who supports the rise of the divine feminine through her work as a video...
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Going Astray to Find the Goddess Who Lives Within

Season #4 Episode #24

Welcome to episode 24 of the WitchHunt podcast, featuring an incredibly courageous and beautiful soul, Arlia Hoffman. In this episode, Arlia shares with us the tender and inspiring story of how she stepped out of the...
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