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GET QUIET, LISTEN & TRUST: The Magical Story of How One Woman Healed Her Way into Her Power, with Smadar Lorie, Medicine Woman & Stone Whisperer

Season #2 Episode #5

Welcome to Episode 5 of season 2, our 13th episode of the WitchHunt podcast!


It’s called: “ Get Quiet, Listen & Trust: the magical story of how one woman healed her way into her power, with Smadar Lorie, Medicine Woman and Stone Whisperer." 


This episode tells the inspiring story of a woman who found her magic after a seemingly minor car accident left her with an invisible, undiagnosed condition. We learn how she gave up on conventional medicine, and learned to ask questions, get quiet, listen and trust. And how this mantra — get quiet, listen and trust —  has since become Smadar’s modus operandi. 


It’s a tale telling us how things — however mysterious and painful — do happen for us, for a reason. 


Smadar also tells us about how, as a child, she felt deep connections with stones, experiencing them as friends. She tells us of the magic of water and how she energetically infuses water to create healing elixirs.   


Smadar’s story (and voice!) are healing.   


In addition to one of the most beautiful definitions highlighting the common thread  magical women share, she also shares her wisdom around the witch wound in an uncut  post script conversation that we recorded! Listen to the end in order not to miss this sweet uncut chat.


I could listen to (and chat with) Smadar until the cows come home, and I know you’ll delight in her soothing energy, too.






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More about Smadar and Her Medicine


Smadar is co-creator of Song of Stones. As a crystal whisperer, she listens to the song of stones, sharing their messages and connecting people with the crystals who are singing just for them. A highly sensitive soul and empath herself, she is dedicated to empowering other HSPs to heal themselves with the help of the Stone People, Star Song crystal elixirs, the ORB experience, and one-on-one spiritual mentorship. She reminds sensitive souls how to awaken their magic and inner healer.


You can contact Smadar at


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