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Top 3 Mistakes That Kept This Witchy Mama Entrepreneur in Get-My-Biz-Off-The-Ground-Mode for 7 Flippin’ Years

Season #2 Episode #6

In this POP UP behind-the-scenes episode of the WitchHunt podcast, Alex shares the top 3 mistakes she made that kept her passion-led business circling in financial stagnation (i.e., at $1.5K/ month-ish) for YEARS.

She walks us through the invisible, unconscious beliefs and thinking patterns that not only kept her from reaching solid, consistent, SUSTAINABLE revenue goals for 7 years. And she also speaks to how these were all ego-driven, serving the purpose of keeping us witchy mamas safe from success (and all that might involve). We're talking witchwounds, friends!

Come listen and take stock. Are you a sensitive mama soulpreneur feeling financially stuck in your biz,? Do these mistakes resonate? Reach out over on the Gram — @Alex_inessence or @thewitchhuntpodcast and let Alex know.

Then click the link below to join her ZERO COST training: How Sensitive Mamas Can Reach $2.5K/month in their Soul-Led Business, without missing pickups or school plays. We go LIVE on June 29 at 10am, under the new moon.

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