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Ushering in the New Earth: An illuminating chat with New Earth Angel and Architect, and Priestess of Embodied Pleasure, Sara Yamtich

Season #3 Episode #2

Welcome to episode 2 of season 3 of the WitchHunt Podcast!

This is a soul-touching episode that I’m calling Ushering in the New Earth: An illuminating chat with New Earth Angel and Architect, and Priestess of Embodied Pleasure, Sara Yamtich

In this episode, Sara shares her fascinating story of remembering her way back into priestesshood, including many of the breadcrumbs she now knows led her exactly to where she needs to be. She shares her story of being raised in Southern-Baptist town in Missouri and how, without having the words to describe what she was doing at the time, she not only questioned the patriarchy but began to honor the feminine, exploring the spiritual and subconscious realms at a young age.

Sara also tells us about her sacred and ceremonial relationship with plant medicine, and shares one of the most beautiful and inspiring morning wake-your-feminine-divine-up rituals which I know I want to integrate into our life.

Sara’s become a dear Sister to me, and since this recording I’ve witnessed her leave Costa Rica to pursue the sacred arts of Priestesshood — first in Hawaii, and by the time this is released, she’ll have gone back to Chavin de Juantar in Peru. Sara’s also partnered up with two other magical souls, Clint Brown and Amanda Johnson, to create Awaken Village — a community of visionaries, entrepreneurs and change-makers — who are ready to come into community with fellow paradigm shifters. You can learn more about Awaken Village at

Sara’s energy is contagious and you’re going to love getting to know her in this episode.





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More about Sara:

Sara Yamtich is the founder and Awaken Village (see above) and CEO of Conscious Conversion (formerly Resonate with Sara), a holistic multi-media marketing agency supporting soulful thought leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs. With a Masters in Social Work, a background that spans federal policy analysis and life coaching, and a ton of digital marketing experience, Sara takes professionalism, team management, and client care to a whole new level. Her work isn’t just about marketing strategy (though she rocks at that); it’s about helping clients resonate deeply with their audience so they can transform the planet and give voice to the new paradigm. In fact, Sara makes marketing (and everything else she does) a damn-near spiritual experience.

Sara, a single mom, lives in Costa Rica with her 7-year-old son, Indy.

You can find Sara at:

Conscious Conversion:


Awaken Village: