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The Mystery & Magic of Words: wise musings from psychic heart whispering mystic & healer, Susan de Vriend

Season #3 Episode #6

Welcome to episode 19 of the WitchHunt podcast — our final episode of season 3.

In this episode I’m absolutely DELIGHTED to introduce you to Susan DeVriend, a reiki master, witch, medium, psychic and perhaps best described as heart whispering mystic.

Susan is a word witch and together we dive deep into a conversation about the power of words, as well as how us magical women come to embody words that have been past villanized.

We talk about the dance of deconstruction and reconstruction, of both their meaning and the stories behind them. Susan tells us her story through this dance with the words: mystic, healer, witch, psychic, medium and now Priestess. She talks about what it is to be a psychic. We also talk about the sister wound, deep dive into what reiki is and how it works and thew itchiness of coaching.

This is an episode jam packed with magical goodness and I know you’ll LOVE it!




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You can learn more about Susan and her magic 👇

Instagram @heartwhisperingmystic or email her directly at: [email protected]. Her website is: