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Regenerative Living: The magic of Paganism, Wicca & Druidism, with Witch, Artist, Community Holder and Engineer, Raevyn Arwen (aka Ketsia Elizabeth)

Season #3 Episode #5

Hello and welcome to episode 5 of season 3 — our 18th episode of the WitchHunt podcast!


What are some of the first words you associate with the word witch? If the words pagan or wicca or maybe even druidism come up for you, and you want to dive more into these as concepts and practices, then this episode is for you. Because in this episode we speak, for the first time, with a Witch who lives the Wicca and Pagan traditions.

Raeven Arwen, also known as Ketsia Elizabeth, shares how she began her journey of putting words to her witchy experience at the age of 13. She talks about the being and doing dance of Pagan and Wicca tradition, more recently exploring a more artistic approach to her witchcraft, through Druidism.

Raeven is a multi-passionate witch, who also happens to be an engineer. She talks about embracing her Celtic roots and we have a fascinating chat about the links between paganism, developing a reverent relationship with the Earth, environmentalism, food justice and agriculture. And how all of this feels like a new regenerative way forward for our species.

This is a fascinating episode with another fascinating woman.





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Here are the links Raevyn referred to during our chat, plus more about her and how to find her:

Conversation Links:

Book - A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham

Good place to start learning about Druidism - Book - The Awen Alone by Joanna van der Hoeven -

YouTube channel for videos on witches -

Oracle deck with the art that inspired me - Everday Witch Oracle by Deborah Blake & Elisabeth Alba -

Food Justice movement info - (this site is a place to start but there is much more to be found)

Starhawks Earth Activist Online Website -

Starhawks Earth Activist Online Community -


Ketsia Elizabeth is a diversely passionate coach, artist, writer, speaker, singer/songwriter, teacher, engineer, community leader & designer. She is the proud founder of the online community Wild Heart Haven, that is built to support wild-hearted souls as they awaken their potential, connect to community, and build lives that support their most joyful authentic selves. Through her membership she also offers group coaching journeys, courses, and other pop up events throughout the year, as well as 1-1 coaching containers that give space for her clients to heal, grow, and realize their full potential. If you are looking to start your own online community, or your own courses, Ketsia also offers online community design services and community leader coaching. She is passionate about community & connection, music, art, regenerative studies, regenerative business & money mindset, food justice, sex positivity, mental health awareness & healing, mindfulness, yoga, LGBTQ+ rights, gothic culture, paganism, animals, nature, and the incredible power & need for love of all kinds. This free-spirited flower child also goes by her pagan name Raevyn Arwen, and owns an online shop of mystical creations called The Raven Woods Parlour. She has been on the pagan path for over 20 years, finding community, inspiration, healing, and self-growth throughout her journey. Above all she wants to help create a world where everyone feels safe, supported, and free enough to be their most joyful authentic selves, to heal, to grow, and to create lives that truly light them up. She is a strong believer in the magic of inspiration, motivation, and community. She uses all of her passions, education, and experience to create truly transformational spaces that are anchored in love, hope, and joy.


Ways to find her:

Email: [email protected]