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Pelvic Power: A Super Fun Chat with Yogini & Healer, Catherine Middlebrooks

Season #3 Episode #4

I’m so excited to introduce to you, a dear friend of mine, Catherine Middlebrooks.

In this episode, Catherine shares with us the significant role that the pelvis plays in our lives. We talk tapping, neuroscience and charlatans. We also dive into Catherine’s “awakening” (my term), which occurred as a full body download during her family’s RV adventure around the U.S.

This episode is light in tone, yet profound in topic. I know you’ll love it, and Catherine too. Enjoy “Power of the Pelvis: A Super Fun Chat with Yogini & Healer, Catherine Middlebrooks”




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More About Catherine: Catherine is a certified yoga instructor, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, mom, wife, and founder of brb yoga.  She’s helped thousands of women rebuild their post-baby bodies so they can get back to the activities they love, and most recently discovered the power of energy healing for the pelvis. You can find her at: