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Weaving a Re-indigenized Path of Devotion: a deep dharmic conversation with feminine leader and culture shifter, Nisha Moodley.

Season #7 Episode #42

I’m so excited to introduce this love filled, wise and beautiful soul who I've had the privilege of learning from over the last three years.

In this deep and poignant episode, Nisha talks about how magic wove its way into her life through the serendipitous arrival of teachers, who arrived in the shape of friends, parents of friends, neighbouring yoga teachers and more. She talks about the relationship between trauma and wisdom and how this shapes our intuition. We also explore the importance of reverent, generous and gratitude-centred practices of devotion to nature, and she explains her beautiful understanding of the ecology of leadership.

Nisha’s energy is powerful, gentle, full of love, and oh so beautiful. Her wisdom is deep, and her truth critical in today's world. This is not an episode you want to miss. 



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More about Nisha and her magic

Nisha Moodley is an integrative leadership coach, with 15 years of experience leading mastermind groups, online courses, and over 50 retreats. She was first trained to work with subtle energy nearly 30 years ago, and has since received in-depth Health Coach & Executive Coach trainings, become a Family Constellation facilitator, and deepened her practice through breathwork training, ancestral healing, and archetypal studies. All of these teachings and modalities (and others) are integrated for coaching that works not just on the level of mindset, but also through much deeper healing and integration. Nisha is the mother of two small children, a newbie land steward, and is constantly seeking to understand the deeper systemic and historical implications of the individual and collective challenges we face today, weaving those considerations into the work as well.

You can find Nisha at