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Ready to step into the truth & power of the woman you were born to be?




3-hour life changing ceremonial workshop

Friday September 29 @10am Eastern



Yes — I'm ready.

It’s time for women to stop living from a place of unconscious conditioning.  


No more putting others' needs before our own, over-functioning to keep the peace.


No more showing up as a fraction of who we are.  


Screw that.


It's time to rise.


'Cause here's the thing...


You were born and designed exactly as you are — at exactly the right moment & in exactly the right place to carry out your unique soul mission.


Pacha Mama and all her children are counting on you to unearth this mission by healing yourself of the conditioning that's held you back.


She's calling on you to connect with your soul, follow her lead and step into the unapologetic I-don't-give-a-f*ck version of yourself — ready & equipped to change cultures & worlds.


RISE is a sacred experience designed & facilitated to support sustainable change  in the lives of women who are seeking to break free from patriarchal conditioning.


It's for you if you feel stuck as a fraction of yourself in a life that doesn’t feel entirely yours, and are ready to shed light on what's holding you back from centering your give-no-f*cks unapologetic self in your life.

When you join RISE you'll:


— 1 —

Learn how the patriarchy distracted you from accessing your inner wisdom & soul calling 



— 2 — 

Identify your internalized patriarchal narratives & how they sneak their way into your daily life



— 3 —

Step into & embody a version of yourself who’s ready to step into the truth & power of the woman you were born to be



The investment for this life-changing half-day ceremonial workshop & sacred experience is $111.


We gather in circle on Friday, September 29 at 10am Eastern. A replay will be made available for those who cannot make it life, however refunds will not be available.

It's time for me to rise.

A bit about your guide...


Hey, I'm Alex.


I'm a Priestess in training, soul activator, whisperer & intuitive word witch.


My mission is to awaken your soul & help you show up whole so you can honor your mission & change worlds — all while creating a life that feels sacred & turns you on.


I spent decades doubting myself and twisting myself into a pretzel so that my needs, business and dreams were convenient for everyone I cared for.


And then my soul came on-line. And today, as my daughter puts it, I'm living my best life.


I said no more to moving around the world as a trailing spouse and we settled in the city I was called to. We bought my dream home in a dreamy neighborhood. I started the Witchhunt podcast and began to create and offer life-changing services for women ready to detox their own patriarchal conditioning and activate their soul's age-old wisdom.


It's a thrill to share my gifts and witness woman after woman take full ownership of her well-being & life, as she steps into her truth & power through sacred ceremonies, like Rise.  


Hope to see you there!





Not ready for a ceremonial workshop, but curious to enter my world...


I'm all about showing up whole & sharing what it means to live a soul-led life.  

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