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 Power. Rebirth. Lifeforce. Harmony.





in honor of Spring.



3-hour ceremonial workshop

Thursday March 21 @6pm Eastern



Yes — I'm ready.

Winter is gently coming to a close. 

The Equinox invites us to sweep out the cobwebs holding us back, and wake up the vibrant life force coursing through and around us...

For Witches, the Vernal Equinox is a sacred celebration steeped in fertility, rebirth, and the promise of new beginnings.



It's a time for us to clear out the blocks that keep us from fully stepping into our creative potential.



And together, untethered, we surrender to the pull that delicately tilts our Earthly home towards the Sun —  awakening the splendor of wildflowers and the passion-led power of wild women.  



Join us as we both tap into and pay joyous homage to our Great Mother’s boundless fertility and birthing power — the miraculous sprouting of all seeds.

RISE is a seasonal sacred feminine ceremony rooted in ancient wisdom.


Seasonal Ceremony is a portal of self-discovery & internal liberation — through connection with the energetics of nature's cycles, the wisdom that lives within & in one another.


RISE is for women ready to embrace the Equinoctial call to arouse the stirring life force energies within & rebirth our personal and collective power.

When you join RISE you can expect to:



— 1 —

 Connect more deeply with nature's cyclical wisdom (your body, included) 



— 2 — 

 Learn about the Wheel of the Year and the astrological energies of this time 



— 3 —

Release what no longer serves you



— 4 —

An embodied experience of the version of the woman you're stepping into (& were born to be!)



— 5 —

Indulge in the feeling of belonging & oneness that the circle creates



— 6 —

Connect in sisterhood over beverages & light snacks



The investment for this magical 3-hour Earth centered ceremony is $77CAD**


When? Thursday March 21 at 6pm EST

Where? If you are joining us in-person (limited spaces), we'll meet at Community OutWitch in Parkdale, Toronto. If you are joining us virtually, you join us from the coziness of your own home.

** Sliding scale available — email [email protected]

It's time for me to rise.

A bit about your guide...


Hey, I'm Alex.


I'm a trained Priestess, ceremonialist, beyond quantum healer & intuitive word witch. (I'm also a Creative Director & Ethical Messaging Consultant for feminist owned businesses here to make a difference.)


My mission is to awaken your soul & help you show up whole so you can honor your mission & change worlds — all while creating a life that feels sacred & turns you on.


It's a thrill to share my gifts and witness woman after woman take full ownership of her well-being & life, as she steps into her truth & power through sacred ceremonies, like Rise.  


Hope to see you there!





Not ready for a ceremonial workshop, but curious to enter my world...


I'm all about showing up whole & sharing what it means to live a soul-led life.  

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