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Testimonials from those who chose to connect 🥰

Alex is so gentle and has a gracious energy and ability to support women who are struggling with inner knowing. In just one session with her, my soul's purpose was confirmed and clarified. I gained a perspective that offered me tremendous meaning and peace. 

~ Dr. Maryska Taylor, BSc Kin, MTS, ND

Alex is an expert guide. If you are thinking of doing a Soul Journey with her, do it! The experience was absolutely phenomenal. After just one afternoon with her, I felt fully supported, more peaceful and prepared to take on the challenges of this time.

~ Catherine Middlebrooks, CEO and Founder of


Thank you Alex for deftly guiding me to through this beautiful healing and  profoundly illuminating experience. I felt called forward into the deepest truth of myself. You are truly gifted! 

~ Sinclair Kennally, CEO and Founder of Vision Nation



Alex is a clear channel with an uncanny energetic alignment. She helped me to gain clarity on why I'm here and the gift I have to offer the World at this time, in a very natural and super connected way. 

~ Rosalie Puiman, Founder of The Sovereign Leader