The Sacred Pause Experience™





What if you stopped feeling so rushed and overwhelmed all the time?

How would you feel?

Who would you be?


The Sacred Pause Experience™ is a bundle of 4 magic rituals to help you get relief from all the noise and perpetual busy-ness, by infusing inner peace and spaciousness into your world.


Get ready to exhale and reconnect yourself with your inner wisdom — starting today! 

Now only $57!


You're shocked, overwhelmed and fed up by the state of world affairs. You're ready to claim your power and step into your role as a cultural change-maker.

But you're tired and don't know where to start. 


I hear you!  

Your nervous system is a wreck and you crave the calm and quiet that will allow you to relax enough to hear your wise self again.

You want to stop overthinking and strengthen your intuition because you know that She will guide you to be the bold woman who has everything it takes to be the fully alive authentic expression of her glorious SELF — the cultural change-maker that your children and the beloved planet need.

It's time. 


But mom-life is busy and loud. 

And your news and social media feeds are even louder

Plus there's that nasty inner voice that tells you that putting yourself first is futile and selfish.


Yet despite it all, you know that in order to be that mother and woman the world needs, you need to recalibrate, ground and center yourself.  

It's only then that you can be the change and make the change that you want to see in the world. 


If this resonates, then I have something beautiful for you.


The Sacred Pause Experience is a simple 4-day experience designed for moms who are ready to step out of their WTF overwhelm to a place of calm and grounded confidence, so you can relax into:


  • Living in alignment with your true values

  • Boosted focus and productivity

  • More authentic relationships

  • A sense of inner peace and trust

  • Deeper joy and pleasure in your day-to-day


After your personal pause, you may find yourself stepping more fully into your potential as the mother and woman you were born to be — sacred, creative, powerful. 



Prepare yourself for 4 magic mom-friendly rituals that are short, sweet and healing:


Your Water Alchemy Intention Setting Ritual

Your Fire Dance Ritual

Your Sacred Bathing Ritual

Your Earth Grounding Ritual

Each ritual is carefully crafted to support you to master the arts of: 



Build-up your chill-out muscle by learning how to slow down and find inner peace on demand. Activate and strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system — your body's rest, restore and heal mechanism — by leaning into nature’s ancient wisdom with each sweet ritual.


Learn to ground yourself in your body and intuitive wisdom, so that you can stop self-doubting, overthinking and seeking answers outside yourself. Each ritual will invite you to connect with and trust your inner knowing, reminding you that divine guidance comes from within.


Experience an embodied sense of deep joy, pleasure and sacred connection through your ritual moments of magic connection with your Queen Goddess SELF and the sacred realm that holds her dear.



When you take your Sacred Pause, you will come to see that — abracadabra — with these arts mastered, your focus, productivity and relationships all blossom. 


It’s in the pause and its inner peace that you learn to cultivate your change-making purpose and energy.


It’s here that your body and soul come into beautiful alignment and you begin to step into your potential. 


The Sacred Pause Experience is here today because it's time for mothers like you to listen to the wisdom of your soul and build Her up! 


The World needs you and your soul in tip top shape.


Consider this your personal invitation (and permission slip) to pause and step into the sacredness and creative life-making world-changing power that is you!


Your Sacred Pause Experience™


Now only $57

  • 4 30-min (or less) soul-feeding rituals (valued at $80) 
  • Sacred mindset shift mantras (Invaluable)
  • 2 DO NOT DISTURB Posters (Value: $18)
  • Smartphone wallpaper (Value: $7) 


Beautiful Boundaries Support Kit, including:

  • Boundaries checklist (Value: $15) 
  • Boundaries script (Value: $15)
Yup! I'M IN.

Hey, I’m Alexandra Raquel Hughes (call me Alex 😊). 


I'm a certified energy healer, intuitive life coach, and entrepreneur. I'm a Peruvian-Canadian ex-pat mom who has lived in 8 countries, speaks 4 languages and an international multidisciplinary academic background that includes an MPhil in Development Studies from the UK, and a BA in Environmental Studies from Canada. 

And until last year I would have described myself as a busy, overwhelmed mom of 3, a successful (albeit tired) manager for our nomadic family of 5, and a struggling business owner. There were so many competing demands and never enough time in the day to do what needed doing. I struggled with perfectionism, doubted and overthought everything. 

Today, I’m still a mom of 3 and a business owner. But I do not use the words busy or overwhelmed to describe myself. 

While we continue to travel the globe en famille, I now share the load 50-50 with my husband. And with a clear soul purpose, boosted focus and productivity, I’m watching my business thrive while working less and having more fun. 

Today my life is intuitive-led. I know how to access my inner wisdom and with her guidance, I take decisions quickly, calmly and with confidence.

Result: I use words like spacious, relaxing, creative, pleasurable and easy to describe my day-to-day family and work life.  

What took me from busy, overwhelm and self-doubt to relaxed, creative, confident and soul-led?

My very own Sacred Pause Experience. 


When COVID began impacting family life in 2020, I felt an inner call to go back to basics. 

The message was clear: Slow down. Stop struggling. Go inward. Listen. 

While my husband did his paid work and my kids did their school work, I put my business on hold and did my build-up-my intuitive-muscle-find-my-inner-guide work.

And in addition to finding a sense of calm confidence, while also crafting an easier, more balanced and pleasurable life another big thing happened…

...I unearthed my soul’s purpose: to help smart, highly sensitive, big-hearted moms who are on a mission to make the world a better place to reach their potential and fulfil their life purpose — from a place of self-knowing, self-loving and self-trust.



In March of 2020 I took my Sacred Pause. 


My Sacred Pause looked like

Time in the garden

Sitting and listening to the birds and the wind

To the messages from within. 


Planting seeds or watering seedlings

Full moon ritual bon fires. 


Long, hot baths in candlelight

Music, or meditations or astrology podcasts.  


I wrote.

I read.

I talked with my Sisters

And my therapist. 


I walked

I danced 

Mindful workouts to shake out the stuff that had weighed me down for so long.


During these walks and workouts…

During these baths and bonfires...

And woven through the magical moments of my Sacred Pause, something beautiful emerged: 


A sense of Full-Aliveness

A healing

A wholeness 

A clear sense of who I am, and what I’m here to do.


I became excited about those parts of myself that I used to hide

My witchy, moon following, Andean Priestess, fierce side.


It’s all quite literally WILD.

Beautiful, bold and empowering inside.


I’ve never felt so connected to my body, the Earth and the cosmos. 

I’ve never looked back.

And now, post-metamorphosis, I've gathered the best of my Sacred Pause and wrapped it up in a beautiful 4 mom-friendly rituals bundle for you.

Join me ♥️



Ok, but what is the Sacred Pause Experience?


The Sacred Pause Experience is your guided and structured pause. When you sign up, you’ll immediately receive an email in your inbox with a 10 minute Welcome and Next Steps video. In it, I will explain how you access and optimize the 4 sacred elements of this magic bundle.

SACRED ELEMENT #1: Your 4 soul-feeding rituals

4 simple yet profound, easy-to-implement and integrate rituals will land in your inbox in audio format — as downloadable mp3s,. The rituals are all less than 30 minutes, and are strategically aligned with one of the four phases of the growth cycle, as defined by nature’s ancient wisdom.

SACRED ELEMENT #2: Your sacred DO NOT DISTURB poster

Print out this pretty poster, and pop it on the door that will separate you from your potential Sacred Pause interrupters 😉.


SACRED ELEMENT #3: Your sacred smartphone wallpaper

Download this wallpaper onto your smartphone as a constant reminder to honor your Sacred Pause Experience™, 

SACRED ELEMENT #4: Your sacred mindset shift mantras

Keep these mantras in your pocket, and reach for it every time you need to shift the self-talk that holds you back from honoring your Sacred Pause Experience™.


When you purchase your Sacred Pause Experience, you’ll also get access to the Beautiful Boundaries BONUS — a support kit for soft-hearted moms who struggle with getting the me time they need.


The Beautiful Boundaries Support Kit will come in handy if you’re a mom who falls into one of the following traps: 

>> “I’ll do it later because someone/ everyone needs me 24/7.”

>> “I’m just going to do this one thing to try to get closer to the bottom of my bottomless “to do “ list.”

>> “I’m too tired to do anything because I fell for any of the above...🤷‍♀️"  


If you’ve heard yourself saying any of these to yourself, you know what I’m talking about and you’ll benefit hugely from this Support Kit. 


The Beautiful Boundaries Bonus kit includes:

Your boundaries checklist

A step-by-step list to help you ensure you've done everything you need to do to set-up and honor the limits that make your Sacred Pause Experience™,  sacred and more importantly, do-able.

Your boundaries script

Ever feel nervous or lacking words when it comes to asserting your boundaries? This short, kind and to-the-point boundaries script is designed to help you assert yourself from a place of calm confidence.

The Sacred Pause Experience™


Now only $57

  • 4 30-min (or less) soul-feeding rituals (valued at $80) 
  • Sacred mindset shift mantras (Invaluable)
  • 2 DO NOT DISTURB Posters (Value: $18)
  • Smartphone wallpaper (Value: $7) 


Beautiful Boundaries Support Kit, including:

  • Boundaries checklist (Value: $15) 
  • Boundaries script (Value: $15)

Do you have questions? Check out these answers to some FAQs...

 And my favorite Q: Who is the Sacred Pause Experience for? 


I believe that every single human on this planet would benefit deeply from their own personal sacred pause.

However, this particular experience is designed for moms who want to be the change they want to see in the world. 

Does this mean you have to be a politician or CEO of a huge corporation? Nope.

Because the truth is that all moms are blessed with the opportunity and potential to be change makers — in and outside the home.

If you're a mom who seeks inner peace, mental clarity and a stronger intuitive muscle, so that you can begin to honor your make-the-world-a-better-place life purpose, then this is for you. Click on the mom category below that best describes you to see how you can make the Sacred Pause Experience™  best work for you. 

 Here's how the Sacred Pause Experience™ works... 


  1. Grab your Sacred Pause Experience™ HERE.
  2. Check your inbox and access your Welcome Video (8 minutes) to learn everything you need to know to set yourself up for success and get started.
  3. After viewing the video you will gain access to your Sacred Pause Experience™ DO NOT DISTURB POSTER, smartphone wallpaper, and your mindset mantras as well as your BONUS Beautiful Boundaries Kit. These are all strategically designed to make sure you make your Sacred Pause Experience™ a sustainable success. 
  4. Your 4 rituals will arrive in your inbox daily as an mp3 download. 


Once you’ve completed your Sacred Pause Experience, you’ll be invited to a celebratory full moon circle with Alex and other alumni.

During this LIVE gathering you’ll learn how to use these rituals regularly in a way that invites more balance, ease and flow into your world.


Imagine approaching your days relaxed and with a sense of inner peace.


Imagine living life from a place of calm, grounded confidence.


Imagine feeling your whole empowered self — a woman who:

  • Is focused and productive.
  • Knows, loves and trusts herself.
  • Is guided by a sense of joy, pleasure and sacred connection.


Imagine what you would feel like stepping into your potential — being the change maker you know you were born to be.


This is who you step into when you finally tend to yourself, take the rest you crave and start feeding your soul. 


The Sacred Pause Experience is designed to help you transform into this woman.


You know this transformation is priceless. And now you know that you can access it for only $47.

Your Sacred Pause Experience™


Now only $57

  • 4 30-min (or less) soul-feeding rituals (valued at $80) 
  • Sacred mindset shift mantras (Invaluable)
  • 2 DO NOT DISTURB Posters (Value: $18)
  • Smartphone wallpaper (Value: $7) 


Beautiful Boundaries Support Kit, including:

  • Boundaries checklist (Value: $15) 
  • Boundaries script (Value: $15)

But why now, you ask?


The world is on the precipice of change. 

There is a global environmental crisis happening, and increasing social unrest.

The world we live in is not aligned with our values as life makers and nurturers. 


We need more mom leaders to cultivate necessary change

But if you’re overwhelmed and rushed, you can’t step into your power as a change maker. 


That’s why I designed the Sacred Pause Experience — so you can rest, access your creative life force energy and step into the woman you were born to be. 

The woman you need to be to feel fulfilled. The woman your children need to learn from. And the world needs to make a difference.


We can not wait for someone to come and save our planet and our future. 


The time for us to stand up and live our mission is now. 


Start being this woman. Today.

Here's what Sacred Pause alumni have to say:

I loved being part of the Sacred Pause. Alex is a true guide in navigating and prioritising soul nourishing self care. I love how she gently led us to find the time to commit to ourselves, even though we’re all busy women. Alex truly walks her talk, and took us on the journey with her. I highly recommend this for all women with too much on their mind to make self care a priority.

Rosalie Puiman, Leadership Coach and founder of the Sovereign Leader

A small shift is sometimes all we need. Participating in Sacred Pause led me to fully cement, accept and express the fullness of who I AM -- the priestess, the healer, the femine divine.Through the connection and in the energy shared through the Sacred Pause experience, Alex invited me to reconnect with the Sacred Priestess inside that was waiting to take her throne and to see the small things that were blocking me from that final step of full self-realization. 😊

Deanna Moses, Akan Priestess @dealightfull

Thank you so much for creating the glorious Sacred Pause. What an amazing gift!  I am grateful for all this week-long Experience brought forth... The connection to nature was  amazing and necessary and right. Ahhhh... I am thankful for how you lifted us up and reminded us who we all are -- Queens 😊. Yes, we are! Thanks to you, the sacred bathing ritual that I’ve been practicing has completely transformed my approach to bathing. Hallelujah! 

I am in awe of you and all the positivity and light that you are putting out into the world. You are such a gift!

Leisha Davis, Mindfulness Coach at

For the grounding ritual, I sat quietly among our 🌻 sunflowers (which have just started to bloom). It was magic. I love that you‘re guiding us with your relaxing and soul feeding practices, while leaving room for me to find what works for my world and holding space for us all. I’m learning so much!  👑

Deb Laflamme, Social Marketing Strategist (and Witch) at For The Love of Your Biz

Step into your Sacred Pause Experience™ today and give yourself  the gift of calm grounded confidence — and soul-driven empowerment — that you and our beloved Earth 🌍 need.


Get your Sacred Pause Experience™ today...


Now only $57

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up!