Work with me

I work with smart, ambitious women who are on a mission to make the world a better place — they know they’re here for a reason, with a soul mission, but feel stuck and impotent in fulfilling their potential and purpose. 


My mission is to help you clear your conscious and subconscious clutter, so that your soul mission can come to fruition. 


With each woman I work with, sacred space opens up and a soul mission is brought to life. 


Here's how we can make it happen: 

Sacred Metamorphosis Experience


Alex's 9-month healing and awakening inner circle adventure.

This is a high touch small group experience for smart, driven, sensitive change-maker moms ready to stop putting themselves last, so they can show up fully as a present mama living out her dream — all in a way that feels easy, empowering, feminine, fulfilling and regenerative.  






An 8-week women's coaching circle for those inspired to learn and integrate the Art of Cyclical Living, sacred space making and ritual. This is for the woman who dreams of managing her time more efficiently, boosting her intuition and energy levels, and living a more balanced life while also finding more meaning, depth and connection with spirit.



SOUL Journeying


Deeply relaxing beyond quantum healing hypnosis sessions that guide you to your soul's answers. These internal trips gently take you from feeling stuck in doubt, confusion, indecision or fear to a place of clarity, confidence and courage, so that you are equipped to take aligned and inspired towards being the whole bold badass woman you were born to be  — all this over the course of one magical afternoon.



Sacred Pause Experience 


A simple self-led experience made up of 4 rituals — each aligned with one of nature's four energetic phases. This is  for women ready to step out of their WTF overwhelm to a place of calm and grounded confidence, so you can slow down, exhale and relax in a way that evokes ease, flow and a lasting sense of inner peace and trust.  


I believe you landed on this page for a reason.


We're on the edge of a new era.


And you're a critical component in determining the direction and evolution it will take.


This means you’ve got to do what it takes to get clear on who you are and what you’re here to do.


You need to get out of your own way, dig up that self-confidence and 'I-don’t-give-a-f*ck' courage and claim your life mission (and life!) as your own.

It’s time for that bold, authentic, and fully expressed version of your whole bad ass self to wake the heck up, and re-member that woman who is and has everything it takes to be the fully alive authentic expression of her glorious SELF.