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Weaving ancient feminine wisdom into modern psychology to heal the trauma of Global Majority women — a conversation with claircognizant, intuitive Medicine Woman and psychologist, Lydiana Garcia.

Season #5 Episode #34

Welcome to episode 34 of the WitchHunt podcast!

In this episode, I interview Lydiana Garcia, a Medicine Woman, claircognizant intuitive and licensed psychologist who is taking her healing practice to a whole and holy, new level.

We talk about how Lydiana's intuitive reading of people and their stories — even as a child — led her to become a psychologist. She also talks about how her formal training in Psychology led her away from her inherent intuition. And how, through her own healing journey as a BIPOC woman and healer, she unearthed the limitations of formal psychological tools, especially for highly traumatized spiritual BIPOC women, or as I’m more consciously calling this demographic — the Global Majority women.

I see Lydiana’s trailblazing work weaving an ancient deeper knowing sourced by the Divine Feminine into the healing of traumatized Global Majority women because they will be the ones to lift it up.

You're going to love this episode!




More about Lydiana and where you can find her magic

Dra. Lydiana Garcia is a Boricua intuitive trauma healer and psychologist; licensed in California and in Florida. She loves helping women and femmes that experienced childhood abuse (including sexual), that are witchy and feel disconnected from their calling and who they are, heal their traumas and reconnect with their gifts, and who they are, and experience feeling connected, supported and joyful.

Lydiana provides individual and family therapy, 1:1 and group coaching, speaking engagements, and consultations. She also has 2 podcasts: The BEyond Resilience Life (a bilingual English and Spanish podcast about resiliency and overcoming life adversities) and Licensed Psychologist, Now What? (a podcast about the journey psychotherapists and healers are embarking on reclaiming their gifts).

Dra. Lydiana is also a mama of two little ones, a wife, and a seeker.