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Odd & Awed: A mind blowing counter-cultural conversation with anti-capitalist agents of the Divine Feminine & badass word witch authors, Amy Torak and Risa Dickens

Season #5 Episode #31

Happy first New Moon of 2023! 

I’m so excited to share this episode with you — it’s raw and real and full of fun!

In it I interview the authors of one of the best witchy books I’ve read — Missing Witches, who happen to be super smart counter-cultural anti-capitalist agents of the divine feminine, Amy Torak and Risa Dickens.

Because the share is so incredibly valuable I’ve decided to share it in 2 parts.

In today's airing — part 1 — you'll hear about Amy and Risa’s personal experiences as best friend witches. We talk about the magic that brought these witches together, what it was growing up in the 1980s as a “freak”, Divine, the Drag Queen, urban and rural witchcraft, the magic of straight lines and projective geometry and so much more!

This is a mind blowing philosophical conversation between 3 witches (I'm including myself in there) — each born in Ontario, Canada and raised (or not so much) by single moms (curious, right?).

These incredible women are the real deal my friends and I’m not exaggerating when I say that the episode is going to blow your mind!




More about Amy and Risa.

Risa Dickens and Amy Torok are the co-authors of New Moon Magic: 13 Anti-Capitalist Tools for Resistance and Re-enchantment September 2023, and Missing Witches: Reclaiming True Histories of Feminist Magic, March 2021. BUST magazine wrote “Dickens and Torok teach us what it means to create art, engage in activism, and exist at the intersection of witchcraft and feminism.” Find their books, podcast, zine and coven at