Sacred Metamorphosis Experience


Awaken into the feminine leader you were born to be


With ease, spaciousness & joy 

(and without the pressure of doing more)


Deep down you know you’re a change maker. 


And yet you’re so busy trying to take care of everyone else that you’ve lost sight of who you are - you’ve forgotten the WHY behind your existence. 

You’re putting everyone’s needs before your own and keep putting off what you know your body, mind and soul require to thrive.


You’re so busy trying to do more and be more for everyone, that you’ve lost sight of who you are — you’ve forgotten the why behind your existence, and neglected your potential as the change maker you know you were born to be.


Maybe you feel trapped by all the shoulds — the guilt for never being or doing enough and the frustration that comes up at the end of each day you haven’t tended to yourself or your life mission. 


You feel stuck between the rock of caring for others, and the hard place of thriving as an impactful leader and change-maker.


You’re ready to feel fully alive and unapologetic — doing exactly what you were born to do (and loving it!)

Imagine this:


>> Enjoying a spacious schedule that optimizes and regenerates your body’s energetic ebbs and flows, so that you feel good and more done better, and in less time. Freeing up more energy and time to dedicate to yourself, those you love and your cultural change-making life’s work.
>> Feeling an authentic and deep self-knowing of who you are, what you need and what you came here onto this beautiful planet to do ๐ŸŒ. Shoulditis dissipates, opening up space to access the answers from within because you not only know you’re enough. You now know you’re power too..
>> Owning a bold self-confidence that ensures you can clearly define and honor your needs and dreams, and the beautiful boundaries that go along with them. You give less fucks and are freed of people pleasing, Good bye to fearing conflict and bowing down to guilt. 
>> Mastering strategies that equip you to forever navigate the limiting beliefs, sabotaging self-talk and the fear that fuels them, in a way that keeps them in the back seat and you at the helm.  
>> Living life from a level of self-worth that’s through the roof, making those difficult getting-your-needs-met conversations feel easy.  
And underpinning it all, imagine a deep and sacred connection to your intuition/ higher self/ inner wisdom/ divine Goddess that fuels a trust that you’re safe and that she (i.e., you!) knows the way โœจ.
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Sacred Metamorphosis Experience 


A small group healing and awakening experience for smart, sensitive change-makers ready to step into their potential and life purpose, where you will:


Learn the Art of Cyclical Living and ritual, and how to harness nature’s energy and wisdom to support your awakening, while creating a spacious schedule that’s aligned with what feels easiest and most pleasurable.   
Master a proven 6-step Metamorphosis MethodTM that guides you through a conscious healing and rising process that will support your journey into the next amazing version of yourself. 
You’ll learn to empower your body, mind and soul daily, through weekly intuitive-led RiseRooted circles that serve to shift out of apprehension, lift your vibration, and do life from the grounded perspective of your higher self.  
Become part of a magical Women’s Circle that supports and holds you in sacred space as you make your way towards your whole, fulfilled, aligned, authentic, bold, alive, unapologetic, self-worth-through-the-roof ๐Ÿ‘‘ self, embodying the woman it takes to shine as you fulfill your soul’s calling and life mission. Just as you will do for them.


Get ready to step into the woman you were born to be! (You know, before the world told you how you should be.)

๐Ÿ‘‘ With a deep sense of self-knowing, self-loving and self-trust
๐Ÿ‘‘ Honoring your worth
๐Ÿ‘‘ Honoring your purpose
๐Ÿ‘‘ Not caring what others think
๐Ÿ‘‘ Practicing the boldness it takes to be the Queen Goddess that you were born to be
๐Ÿ‘‘ And being the fully alive, authentic and unapologetic version of YOU every single day! 

Basically, the Sacred Metamorphosis Experience is a one-stop-shop to supporting you being YOU — the soul-driven, bold and badass version—doing what turns your crank in a way that feels good, while making the world a better place.


For 9 months, you’ll have me as your personal mentor, coach and energy healer.
PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to practice the art of sacred living, the balanced dance of giving and receiving, the comfort of compassion and support — all in the magic of our small sisters circle.


Specifically, you get:

→ The Metamorphosis Method™ Training my 6-step tried, tested and proven (reusable) method to gently and thoroughly heal yourself from the unconscious internal patterns that are holding you back. 

9 x 1:1 sessions with Alex. Over the course of 9 months, you’ll get my personalized intuitive coaching and energy healing support to clear your energy and stay in aligned aligned action.

6 monthly full moon Women’s Circles. This is where the magic happens. Under each full moon we’ll come into sacred circle and through ritual, we’ll take in and share our celebrations and lessons, holding one another in love and reverence, towards our next respective steps on this adventure into self-loving alignment with your soul mission.

1 Soul Journey session. These 2-3 hour energy healing hypnosis sessions are life changing, allowing you to ask specific questions, and then access and hear the wisdom of your soul’s answers. These are profoundly transformational (you can see testimonials here).

→ 9 month’s worth of weekly RiseUPRooted Circles. Every week we’ll gather in sacred movement to clear your mind, and uplift your body and soul, so that you can shift out of apprehension, lift your vibration, and do life from the grounded perspective of your higher self.  (these are a total game changer!)

9 months of Voxer access to Alex for extra accountability, feedback, and staying connected to the group between sessions.



The Sacred Metamorphosis Experience is a 6-woman adventure and is by invitation only.


When you join, you’ll also gain access to:



Live taught and supported Sacred Pause Experience. Over the course of 4 gatherings in one month, I’ll walk you through 4 sacred rituals that are designed to help you harness the energy of nature’s 4 energetic phases throughout your awakening journey. You’ll have lifelong access to these, and by the end of our time together, a mastery of intuitive-led ritual-making. 


Live taught day-long online Sacred Living workshop. This is an immersive training on the feminine approaches to energy, time and space management — all the stuff that will help you create a more spacious schedule and easier day-to-day. This is where you’ll learn how to magically do less, while getting more out of life. Specifically, you’ll learn the art of cyclical living, ritual and sacred space, and how to harness these tools to support your awakening, wellbeing and balance. 
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or just 625USD per month for 8 months


Pay in full by January 31 2022, and receive 200USD off.


P.S. This is your last opportunity to join at this price. The investment is going up next time this is offered.


Sacred Metamorphosis is for you, if:



You experience a non-negotiable calling to fulfill your potential, so you can do and be the change you want to see in the world.
You’re empathic and sensitive, wearing your heart on your sleeve a lot of the time.


You’re worried about the global state of affairs...but can’t seem to find a balance that supports your creativity and change-making impact.


You feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled a lot of the time.


You spend a lot of time in your head, circling around doubting yourself and worrying if you’re “getting life right”.


You’re a good girl and people pleaser, aware that you care too much what others think.


Conflict (and a whole range of emotions that may take you there) make you very uncomfortable ๐Ÿฅด so you over function emotionally to make sure everything is a-ok (all the F'n time, and it feels exhausting!)


You find it difficult to slow down, go inward and relax (addicted to busy?)


You wish you could trust more. Rest more.


You wish life felt easier.
You know you’re here with a mission… 
…that if you don’t get to the root of the patterns that hold you back from spaciousness and aligned fulfillment, you and the world will miss out on the grand opportunity to bring the mystery of your time on Earth, in self-loving alignment with your soul’s mission.  
I don’t believe in coincidences…if you’ve read this far, the Sacred Metamorphosis Experience is for you.

Hey, I’m Alexandra Raquel Hughes (call me Alex ๐Ÿ˜Š). 


I'm a certified energy healer, Feminine Leadership coach and soul-led entrepreneur.


I help smart sensitive high performing professional women to get out of their own way by healing their internalized patriarchy (i.e., healing limiting beliefs at the source!) and opening them up to their power as feminine leaders (with added bonus: a life of ease and spaciousness). 


 Until 2020, I would have described myself as a busy, overwhelmed mom of 3, a successful (albeit tired) manager for our nomadic family, and a struggling business owner. There were so many competing demands and never enough time in the day to do what needed doing. I struggled with perfectionism, self-doubt and overthinking. 


Today, I’m still a mom of 3 and a business owner. But I do not use the words busy or overwhelmed to describe myself. 


I now share the load 50-50 with my husband. And with a clear soul purpose, boosted focus and productivity, my business is thriving while I work less and have more fun. 



Today, I know how to access my inner wisdom and with her guidance, I take decisions quickly, calmly and with confidence. My life feels spacious, relaxing, creative, pleasurable and easy.  


When I was where you are (and for pretty much as far back as I can remember)  I believed that the reason I wasn’t experiencing fulfillment and reaching my goals in a way that feels good, was because of my inadequacies.


I wasn’t good enough. Smart enough. Confident enough. Fast enough. 


Now I know I was wrong.  Now I know the problem wasn’t me. 


And, if there’s one thing I want you to walk away with it’s this: the problem isn’t you either.


The problem is a patriarchal system that’s designed to set women like you up for unfulfillment and failure. 


And the bigger problem is that we’ve been swimming in this patriarchal soup for so long, that we don’t even see it anymore!


The path to living out your full potential and honoring your true purpose doesn’t lie in "fixing yourself”. 


It lies in healing yourself of your own internalized patriarchy. 


And waking up to the magic, unstoppable, wide-awake woman you were born to be.


Join me in finding a sense of calm confidence, while also crafting an easier, more balanced and pleasurable life.


Join me in freeing your soul’s purpose from a place of self-knowing, self-loving and self-trust.

 The Sacred Metamorphosis Experience is unique in its combination of traditional and intuitive coaching, energy healing, intuitive-led movement, ritual and the infinite power of Sisterhood!


It's the first of its kind that: 


Begins from the inside out, acknowledging that global healing starts with the inner work. We cannot heal the world until we heal ourselves. 



Teaches you how to harness feminine ways of being and doing, acknowledging that patriarchal-born approaches are no longer in alignment with the new world we're birthing.



Invites nature's wisdom into your awakening journey. It's time to work with our bodies and harness your feminine super powers, so that you can root into your whole self and beautifully surrender into your natural call to rise.



Is cyclical and evergreen! What you learn in our time together this year is forever reusable. The Metamorphosis Method™ is something you'll have lifelong access to. You can return to it each time you face a stumbling block or repeated pattern that is keeping you small.



Here's how it all breaks down...

The Sacred Metamorphosis Experience


Now for $5000USD, or 8 monthly payments of $625USD 



Metamorphosis Method™ Training ($2000USD)


9 x 1:1 sessions with Alex ($1800USD)


6 monthly full moon Women’s Circles ($600USD) 


1 Soul Journey session ($500USD)  


9 months of weekly RiseUPRooted Circles ($900USD)  


9 months of Voxer access to Alex & group ($450USD) 





Live Taught Sacred Pause Experience ($150USD)

Live Taught Sacred Living Workshop ($300USD)


 And my favorite Q: Who is the Sacred Pause Experience for? 


I believe that every single human on this planet would benefit deeply from their own personal sacred pause.

However, this particular experience is designed for women who want to be the change they want to see in the world. 

Does this mean you have to be a politician or CEO of a huge corporation? Nope.

If you're a woman who seeks inner peace, mental clarity and a stronger intuitive muscle, so that you can begin to honor your make-the-world-a-better-place life purpose, then this is for you. 

 Here's how the Sacred Pause Experience™ works... 


  1. Grab your Sacred Pause Experience™ HERE.
  2. Check your inbox and access your Welcome Video (8 minutes) to learn everything you need to know to set yourself up for success and get started.
  3. After viewing the video you will gain access to your Sacred Pause Experience™ DO NOT DISTURB POSTER, smartphone wallpaper, and your mindset mantras as well as your BONUS Beautiful Boundaries Kit. These are all strategically designed to make sure you make your Sacred Pause Experience™ a sustainable success. 
  4. Your 4 rituals will arrive in your inbox daily as an mp3 download. 


Once you’ve completed your Sacred Pause Experience, you’ll be invited to a celebratory full moon circle with Alex and other alumni.

During this LIVE gathering you’ll learn how to use these rituals regularly in a way that invites more balance, ease and flow into your world.


Imagine approaching your days relaxed and with a sense of inner peace.


Imagine living life from a place of calm, grounded confidence.


Imagine feeling your whole empowered self — a woman who:

  • Is focused and productive.
  • Knows, loves and trusts herself.
  • Is guided by a sense of joy, pleasure and sacred connection.


Imagine what you would feel like stepping into your potential — being the change maker you know you were born to be.


This is who you step into when you finally tend to yourself, take the rest you crave and start feeding your soul. 


The Sacred Pause Experience is designed to help you transform into this woman.


You know this transformation is priceless. And now you know that you can access it for only $47.

Your Sacred Pause Experienceโ„ข


Now only $57

  • 4 30-min (or less) soul-feeding rituals (valued at $80) 
  • Sacred mindset shift mantras (Invaluable)
  • 2 DO NOT DISTURB Posters (Value: $18)
  • Smartphone wallpaper (Value: $7) 


Beautiful Boundaries Support Kit, including:

  • Boundaries checklist (Value: $15) 
  • Boundaries script (Value: $15)


But you can have it now for $5000USD, or pay monthly with 8 payments of $625USD.
And if you pay in full before January 31, save $200USD with a single payment of $4800USD


Yes please! Let's book a time to talk โ˜Ž๏ธ.

Here's what Sacred Metamorphosis alumni have to say:

"Before Metamorphosis, I was struggling with the work-mom balance because I fell victim to a working culture that was extractive. I would get home and never feeling fully present for my family, try juggle "after hour" work demands with mothering. I often worked late into the night after putting the kids to bed. I was tired and frustrated.

This kept me numb and disconnected from my life mission, which I had originally hoped could be fulfilled in my position.

Alex taught me a new way of showing up at work. She challenged me to set and honor my boundaries, and to speak my truth. And as I started trailblazing this new way, my inherent worth started to be acknowledged in the work place and to my surprise, I was handed more responsibility!

Days after our Metamorphosis culmination ritual, I was invited to apply to a leadership position that was not only aligned with my life mission, but also offered a working culture where trailblazing would not feel like such an uphill climb. I applied and got the job!

My personal metamorphosis with Alex took me from believing that time for myself was an impractical privilege that made me weak to seeing it as something that I’m worthy of AND that makes me a better everything.

I’m so grateful I found Alex. I’m even grateful that COVID made life extra difficult so that I invested in myself in this way.

I especially appreciated the group setting, where I could be exposed to other amazing women’s vulnerabilities.

Who would I refer this to? I would refer this program to people I love deeply. To those I want to help connect to themselves."


~ Professional working mom in a position of leadership, Washington D.C.


Because you know that it’s time to wake up and step into the Queen version of yourself that you, your kids, and the world need.