You're a woman who knows you're here at this time for a very important reason — you just aren't clear on how to get out of your own way to honor it. 


I see you.


You feel stuck. It’s as if you’re trapped inside of a way of being that’s smaller than who you truly are. 


You yearn to break free from unhealthy habits and thought patterns that zap your energy, feed your self-doubt, lead your Higher Self astray and hold you back. But you don’t know how.


You know that your answers lie within, so why do you keep seeking answers outside of yourself?


You want to build up your intuitive muscle, but you're not sure how.  


And even when you can, your self-confidence and courage to take action doesn’t necessarily come through.


We are on the edge of a new era.


And you're a critical component in determining the direction and evolution it will take.

This means you’ve got to get clear on who you are and what you’re here to do.

You need to get out of your own way, dig up that self-confidence and 'I-don’t-give-an-f*ck' courage and claim your life mission (and life!) as your own. 

In other words,  it’s time for that bold, authentic, and fully expressed version of your whole self to wake the heck up. 

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Dream with me for a second.


Imagine what it would feel like being that bold soul-led woman who trusts her inner knowing and is clearly led by that quiet confidence deep in her being 24/7.


What if, in just one afternoon, you could become Her, by accessing your 3 soul-born C's?


You know exactly who you are, what you’re here to do, and what you need in order to do it. 


Know-love-trust yourSELF and step-into-the-shape-of-your-soul confidence (Fear and guilt, move on over!)


You know, a 'you-claiming-your-needs-and-dreams' without caring what others around you think kind of, courage.


What if, with your clarity, confidence and courage harnessed, there was no stopping you? 

Because you knew that the Universe not only had your back, but was counting on you to step into your power and do what you were born to do!


That’s right, you unequivocally trusted that Divine Source, your Ancestors, Angels, and Guides were all standing right behind you, cheering you on as you stepped into your glorious self, being and doing exactly what you were born to do.

  SOUL JOURNEYS are deeply relaxing hypnosis experiences that gently take you from feeling stuck in doubt, confusion, and fear to a place of clarity, confidence and courage so that you can step into your potential and life purpose. 


All this over the course of one magical afternoon.

I’m Alexandra Raquel and I work with smart ambitious women who are on a mission to make the world a better place -- women who know they’re here for a reason, with a soul mission, but feel stuck and impotent in reaching their potential and fulfilling this purpose. 

I help women get out of their own way by accessing their divine higher self and inner wisdom so they can be the authentic and unstoppable change maker they were born to be. 

Simply put, my mission is to help you clear the conscious and subconscious clutter, so that your mission can come to fruition.


My Soul Journey not only gave me clarity my business’ next steps and on what my dream clients need from ME. It also made clear what I need from me to be their leader, and gave me permission to honor that. I walked away from the session and immediately incorporated sacred space in my day-to-day life. The growth results — personal and professional — have been extraordinary! 

~ Deb Laflamme, Social Media Strategist, CEO and Founder of For The Love of Your Biz


Your Soul Journey will heal and empower you to: 


  • Eradicate self-doubt, so you can get unstuck and move forward
  • Free yourself from unhealthy patterns that  zap your energy and hold you back
  • Access answers you’re seeking, so you’ll have clarity and confirmation on your soul purpose and life mission and can confidently take your next steps
  • Feel lighter and more prepared for life’s challenges
  • Embody a sustained sense of trust that leaves you relaxed, reassured and self-understood
  • Connect to the deepest, wisest, whole truth of who you are (your Higher Self is now wide awake!) 
  • Reach a place of inner peace with a sense of quiet confidence deep your being
  • Release your need for external validation, and embrace a  knowing that your worth is and has always been innate and internal


Finally, you’ll feel fully supported by the Universe, and connected to your Ancestors, Guides, and Source.

 Here’s what you get when you sign up for your Soul Journey:

A Soul Assessment

This simple questionnaire is designed to help you deepen your relationship with yourself, and to consider your most authentic and heart-felt intention for your quantum healing hypnosis session. This is where your self-awareness begins to rise, and the transformation gently begins.

Your Soul Journey

In one magical afternoon, you'll be guided into a state of deep theta wave relaxation. Your intrusive thoughts (ego) will step out of the way and you'll enter a dreamscape where your Higher Self will lead you on a journey of self-discovery - accessing and unleashing your intuitive soul-led wisdom.

Your Soul's Recording

The audio recording of your Soul Journey will gift you with life-long  access to your soul's wisdom. You will forever have the opportunity to step back into your magical journey; each time will be an invitation will awaken your inner wisdom, deepen your healing and boost your clarity, confidence and courage.    


Are you ready to finally get out of your own way, hear what your soul has to say, and trust yourself?


Are you ready to get clear on, and  honor your life purpose with clarity, confidence, courage?


To finally feel that sense of  innate knowing that THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK? 



"My Soul Journey with Alex was an incredibly beautiful experience.  She created a safe container for me to dive deep into an issue that was waiting to be healed.  My experience gave me a better understanding of my purpose here as a Medicine Woman and how I am meant to step up in leadership and mentorship.  This journey brought me into a deeper connection with my ancestors and how they are holding my vision for my next steps forward.  Alex is a brilliant facilitator and she is able to hold space for magic and blessings in the most sacred way. 


Thank you, Alex, I will revisit the nourishment and wisdom from this journey again and again."


~ Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Woman & Spiritual Mentor, 



"One Soul Journey with Alex felt like getting a year's worth of therapy."

~ Beth Ryan Powers 



A year's worth of therapy is worth is an investment  of between $5000 and $10,000. 

This experience is valued at $444. 


Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Click here to schedule your Soul Journey

Step 2. Alex will send you a payment link, your soul assessment and then we're ready to jump into the wise, beautiful depths of your Soul Journey.

Step 3. At the agreed time and day, you'll experience your Soul Journey and the magic will happen.




Have questions? Email me here - [email protected], but first read on to see what other Soul trippers have to say.

The Soul Journey session confirmed and clarified my soul’s purpose.


Afterward I felt a quiet confidence deep in my being. It helped to dispel any doubt that was circling in my mind and holding me back. It helped me put the current challenges of this lifetime into context with previous lifetimes so that I could clearly see my soul’s journey and progression to this point which offered tremendous meaning and peace for me. 

I would recommend a Soul Journey to anyone who is struggling with inner knowing or at a crossroads and wanting to gain greater clarity on their purpose or what action to take next in their lives.


~ Dr. Maryska Taylor, BSc Kin, MTS, ND

My Soul Journey helped me to gain clarity on why I'm here and the gift I have to offer the World at this time.


This clarity has supported my professional transition by confirming its divine nature and value, and by leaving me feeling lighter and more relaxed about it.

Alexandra guided me in my Journey in a very natural, and super connected way.  She is a clear channel and her energetic alignment with me was uncanny. 

I would recommend Soul Journeys to women who are committed to their personal development and desire to connect with worlds that exist beyond their 5 senses.


~ Rosalie Puiman, Founder of The Sovereign Leader


I decided to gift myself a soul journey with Alex for my birthday, and I'm so glad I did! 


The session was deeply healing and profoundly illuminating. I got resolution on old family patterns, and so much information about this next season in my life and career. Most of all, I felt fully reconnected to my guides and ancestors, and got to come home to my place as a child in this universe. It's a feeling I missed, and I love having it back. 

Thank you Alex for deftly guiding me through this beautiful experience, I felt held and called forward into the deepest truth of myself. You are truly gifted!

I'm going to make this my birthday present to myself every year.

Sinclair Kennally, CEO and Founder of Vision Nation

If you are thinking of doing a Soul Journey with Alexandra, do it! 


As a result of the journey, I feel more peaceful. and prepared to take on the challenges of this time. I feel fully supported in my life. 

Leading up to my journey, I was looking to feel more connected to my guides and trusting of my particular journey in this world. I hoped the journey would help me connect to those feelings of trust and connection. 

The experience itself was absolutely phenomenal. Alex is an expert guide. I felt supported, and held throughout.

I highly recommend the soul journey to anyone looking to deepen your spiritual connection. You won't regret it!

Catherine Middlebrooks, CEO and Founder of


The session was life changing, so powerful. It was truly a monumental experience I'll remember forever. It was amazing, I can't stop thinking about it!


Before my Soul Journey with Alex, I was feeling stuck and unsure.  I was filled with worry and anxiety, and I hoped my session would give me insight to my own inner wisdom and some reassurance that I was on the right path.  It helped me merge together memories from my past, my present anxieties, and truth about my future. I feel more relaxed, and more understood. 

I am blown away by Alex and her gentle yet powerful ability to lead me back to myself. She helped me narrow in on what I wanted to focus on through the journey, and helped me uncover parts of myself that I wasn't consciously aware of.  I felt safe with her, I trusted that she would hold sacred space for me, and she did. 

All women need to experience this.  If you feel like you know the answer to what you are seeking is just around the corner, Alex will help you access it. This is what you need to become unstuck, you need to deeply listen to yourself.

~ Beth Ryan Powers, CEO and Founder of Beth Ryan Media  

YES! Let's schedule a time to chat Soul Journeys!

I’m Alexandra Raquel and I work with smart ambitious women who are on a mission to make the world a better place -- women who know they’re here for a reason, with a soul mission, but feel stuck and impotent in reaching their potential and fulfilling this purpose. 

I help women get out of their own way by accessing their divine higher self and inner wisdom so they can be the authentic and unstoppable change maker they were born to be. 

Simply put, my mission is to help you clear the conscious and subconscious clutter, so that your mission can come to fruition.