Discover the power inside of you 

Create the space to listen, the confidence to trust, the courage to honor.


Feel too busy, rushed and disconnected from the woman you were born to be? 

Access my free Guide to Cyclical Living and invite ease and flow into your world, as you incorporate nature's regenerative wisdom into your modern agenda.


Does this sound familiar?


You know slowing down is important,
but you can’t seem to stop but help rushing around in a state of overwhelm. (It's become a habit 🤷‍♀️).


You crave time to relax,
rejuvenate, feed your soul, and feel whole again.


You’re yearning the quiet
that will allow for you to hear your wise
 — that soul voice that knows your needs and dreams, and how to honor them. 


You want to strengthen your intuition
because you
know that She will guide you to be the woman you were meant to be, before the world told you who you were supposed to be... 


...that bold woman who is and has everything it takes to be the fully alive authentic expression of her glorious SELF. 


I'm Alex and I work with smart, ambitious women who are on a mission to make the world a better place — they know they’re here for a reason, with a soul mission, but feel stuck and impotent in reaching their potential and fulfilling this purpose.
If you’re a woman who keeps putting your dream on the side-burner, I can help you clear what's holding you back, and help you access your inner wisdom and power, so that you can show up as the authentic, bold, unstoppable change maker you were born to be.


My mission is to help you clear the conscious and subconscious clutter, so that your soul mission can come to fruition.


I do this through a unique approach that combines traditional and intuitive coaching techniques, energy healing, somatic work and ritual. 


With each woman I work with, sacred space opens up and a soul mission is brought to life.


Click here to explore how you can work with Alex and scroll on down to see what clients have to say.


The growth results — personal and professional — have been extraordinary! My Soul Journey not only gave me clarity my business’ next steps and on what my dream clients need from ME. It also made clear what I need from me to be their leader, and gave me permission to honor that. I walked away from the session and immediately incorporated sacred space in my day-to-day life.

~~ Deb Laflamme, Social Media Strategist, CEO and Founder of For The Love of Your Biz

One Soul Journey with Alex felt like getting a year's worth of therapy. The session was life changing, so powerful. It was truly a monumental experience I'll remember forever. It was amazing, I can't stop thinking about it!

~ Beth Ryan Powers, CEO and Founder of Beth Ryan Media

If you are thinking of doing a Soul Journey with her, do it! The experience was absolutely phenomenal. After just one afternoon with her, I felt fully supported, more peaceful and prepared to take on the challenges of this time.

~ Catherine Middlebrooks, CEO and Founder of

The Soul Journey session confirmed and clarified my soul’s purpose. I would recommend a Soul Journey to anyone who is struggling with inner knowing or at a crossroads and wanting to gain greater clarity on their purpose or what action to take next in their lives.

~ Dr. Maryska Taylor, BSc Kin, MTS, ND

"Alex helped me uncover a clear vision of the woman and mother I want to be. She not only helped bring this vision to light, she worked with me to develop the concrete steps to make it all a reality. After working with her, I would recommend Alex to anyone who feels overwhelmed by life right now."

~ Sara, Executive Assistant & Office Manager 


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