You're a woman on a mission.


You’re smart, quick and good at getting shit done.


You’re sensitive and highly empathic. A nurturer or healer.


All beautiful qualities. 


Yet, somehow you struggle with: 


Doubting yourself

Looking for answers outside

Taking ages to make decisions


All of this, even though deep down you know the answers live inside of you. 

And that you just need to figure out how to access them.


Mastering the art of slowing down, quieting your mind, being present and allowing your heart to speak her wisdom to you is a journey. 


I have something to get you started or, if you’re already on your way, to quicken the pace towards more heart and intuition-led living. 


Introducing the Heart Grounding Practice — a short guided visualization and meditation designed to make space for a more intimate connection with your heart-led wisdom, your intuition, your soul voice, the Divine Feminine — whatever you want to call it and however She manifests for you. 


Yes, I'm ready to quiet my mind, ground into the Earth & open my heart today ❤️ 🌍


In this free breath work practice, I guide you through a visualization that will calm and ground you into a sense of union with the Great Mother, while also opening your heart to your source of soul food, your connection to The Divine. 


Because here's the thing, the answers that live inside of you don’t live in your head, they live inside your heart. 


You just have to open your heart and listen. 


This beautiful, free practice is for you if you:

→ overfunction, overthink, and doubt yourself over and over again

have a hard time making decisions or accessing a deeper sense of knowing 

→ have a hard time feeling or expressing emotion, or putting words to them in an honest way

if loving feels hard 


And it’s for you if you want to relax and go deep into your body. Into your heart. And into your soul.


Enter the details below if you’re ready to support your grounded heart-led connection to the Divine.  


Ready to calm your mind &  ground your body, so that you can access the wisdom of your heart & soul?


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Your 11-minute daily Heart Grounding Practice



About Me

My name is Alexandra Raquel Hughes. I'm a certified intuitive feminine leadership coach and mentor, energy healer, Witch and Priestess. I was born in Peru, raised in Canada and have since lived in 8 countries on 4 continents. I have  an MPhil in Development Studies, and a BA in Environmental Studies. Most importantly, I'm an Earth worshiping, astrology junky (Pisces with Capricorn rising)  based in Toronto with 3 strong personality kiddos and my ever-loving left-brained husband. You can find me in the bath, dancing under the moon, walking through my Temple that is the park nearby, or interviewing a sister Witch for my new juicy podcast, WitchHunt.