You work with women who are curious about *The Feminine* — ambitious women who will benefit from accessing and trusting their intuitive wisdom.   


And I am a leading expert in the mystery that is The Feminine, teaching women around the world how to integrate The Feminine into their lives in easy, practical and pleasurable ways. And why this is so important right now. 


Let's get together!

I'd love to speak at your event, online summit, or to offer up engaging conversation on your podcast. I also offer small group training and workshops for your memberships and other women's groups. 

We'll work together to tailor a presentation so it addresses your group's specific needs, whether they be executives, business owners, or a book club. 

I want all women on the planet to know that accessing, harnessing and celebrating their Feminine side is a critical component of their living out their potential, and honoring their life purpose.

When you integrate The Feminine into your world, you learn to: 

  • produce more while doing less
  • boost your efficiency 
  • experience more ease and flow
  • strengthen your intuitive muscle
  • know, love and trust yourself

And when you do this, you seamlessly step into your inherent power as the Feminine Leader you were born to be.

Read about the workshops I offer below.



The Feminine Workshop


 My soul-driven mission is to spread the word on: why the rise of Feminine energy is critical right now, and how to integrate Her into your world in simple and pleasurable ways.

During this Workshop you and your peeps will learn:

  • What the Feminine is.
  • What the Masculine is.
  • A New Framework to help you manage how you do life in a more balanced and self-honoring way.  
  • How to easily harness the best of both your Feminine and Masculine energies in a healthy and harmonious way. 

Click below to schedule the Workshop 👇, or send me an email at [email protected] to learn more.

Schedule Here

The Cyclical Living Workshop 


Humans are not a part of nature. We are nature.

We are made of natural elements and active participants in nature's cycles.

Even if we know this to be true, living in alignment with this realization proves difficult thanks to thousands of years of brainwashing. Brainwashing that has, at much cost, separated us - in theory anyway - from nature's wisdom and regenerative capacity. 

In the Cyclical Living Workshop,  you'll discover a framework that you can lean into to align what you do and how you do it, with nature's abundant and regenerative cycles.

Coming soon.

Email me at [email protected] if you're interested in learning more. 

About Me

I'm a certified energy healer and intuitive life coach, a life-long researcher and writer who is currently working to be ordained as an Andean Priestess. I'm a Peruvian-Canadian expat mom who has lived in 8 countries, speaks 4 languages and holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the UK, and a BA in Environmental Studies from Canada. Most importantly, I'm an Earth loving, tarot reading, astrology junky (Pisces with Capricorn rising) currently based in Brazil with 3 strong personality kiddos and ever-loving left-brained husband. You can likely find me in the bath, garden, dancing under the moon or riding through a forest on my grey stallion, Cinza — divine masculine incarnate 😉.