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Cutting through the BS & diving into the messy truth of human spirituality

Season #5 Episode #30

Wowza! Talk about cutting through the BS and and diving into the messy truth of spirituality on Earth (or at least in North America)!  

When I met Pleasance Silicki at her Lil ‘Omm yoga studio in 2013, how was I to know that she’d rock my world so deeply — each and every time we met!  

Pleasance went from being my yoga teacher, to business collaborator, to dear friend and now to fellow Priestess.  And I’m so excited to share my reconnection with her — 9 years later — with you.

In this episode, Pleasance he talks about her endless search for place in the world, the healing power of moon walks and cyclical living, honoring our bodies as temples of the soul, the importance of death ritual, sourcing wisdom from within. We speak to our taught resistance to ease and the rise of pleasure-validation, masculine structures that hold feminine flow.   

And of course, the way all of this supports us individually and collectively to be the activists that trailblaze the life-design and social-design needed to create a more inclusive and just world for ALL.  

Get ready to be blown away by this courageous multi-passionate, incredibly wise teacher and fire walker!  


xx Alex

More about Pleasance and her magic:

Weaving her way through many worlds, Pleasance Silicki ( she/her), M.S.ED, Rising Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess), is a multi- passionate community leader. She believes in regenerative ways of working, being, caring and healing that align with cycles of nature, dismantling systems of oppression and the interconnectedness of all things.

She has an academic background in the Sociology of Education and has taught in all age classrooms from preschool- university. With extensive training in Ayurveda, Yoga, Positive Psychology, Mind- Body Medicine, Integrative Nutrition, Trauma Resolution, Ancestral Healing, Death & Grief Support, Leadership & Facilitation she integrates a variety of modalities in her offerings from workshops, private sessions to retreats.

As a community creatrix, she guides through circles of healing and transformation in person and on- line using inter-spiritual practices/teachings. She supports humans thru the cycles and spirals of of life and death. Pleasance is a community care and equity justice activist, as well as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Iona Senior Services. Through mentoring, Pleasance supports others with goal setting, accountability, aligned actions and outcomes -based planning to bring dreams to life.

She is the founder of lil omm yoga, the LOLA Community, Thrive, The Village, a co- founder of Septima Clark Public Charter School, National Kids Yoga Conference and the author of Delight: 8 Principles for Living with Joy & Ease and a podcaster since 2018. She served as an Adjunct faculty member at George Mason University, American University and Maryland University of Integrative Health where she taught Stress Management, Mindful Explorations, Ayurvedic Psychology, Race/ Social Identity and Power.

She loves playing cards with her 2 children, Saylor and Milo, reading library books & walking her dog while listening to a podcast. She lives in Washington, DC on Piscataway land with her partner of over 25 years and is looking forward to becoming a Chaplain in the next phase of her life.

How to find Pleasance and her magic:

Rising Kohenet 

Guide & Facilitator

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You can reach out directly to Pleasance at: [email protected]


Books we talked about: Adrienne Maree Brown’s: Emergent strategy