Witchwounds, Websites & Work With Me pages: Alex shares her healing journey towards putting her magic out there ✨

Season #1 Episode #1

In this POP-UP episode, Alex shares her story of how she’s been knowingly and unknowingly staying small and safe, by allowing her witch wound around visibility to stop those who could benefit from working with her, to learn how they can do that. She talks about her conquering an unhealthy fear of marketing, and the importance of sustainable pricing.


In this episode, Alex talks about her illuminating work with brand strategist, Emily Paulsen who she highly recommends, and who you can find over on Instagram @champsandfries. She also mentions the amazing work of Rha Goddess and her book, The Calling, which she also recommends.


This is a great opportunity to learn all the different ways you can work with Alex, who calls herself a Women’s Transformation Facilitator. Or, in our language, a witch-waker and witch-wound healer.


Stay until the end where Alex shares different ways of working with your and a super important prompt that you will want to walk away with... Visit Alex’s new Work With Me page to learn about her Sacred Metamorphosis Experience, Soul Journeys, Sacred Pause Experience. And her brand spankin’ new Voxer Vixen coaching circle!


Here are the links:

Work With Alex: https://www.alexandrahughes.com/workwithme

Sacred Metamorphosis Experience: https://www.alexandrahughes.com/sacredmetamorphosis

Soul Journeys: https://www.alexandrahughes.com/souljourney

Sacred Pause Experience: https://www.alexandrahughes.com/sacredpauseexperience

Reserve your spot in a Voxer Vixen coaching circle by clicking here, or email Alex with any questions: [email protected]

And don’t forget to let Alex know how you get on with your introspection over on IG @thewitchhuntpodcast: https://www.instagram.com/thewitchhuntpodcast/









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