The Sacred Pause Experience

The Sacred Pause Experience is a curation of 4 channeled rituals — each designed to dance with one of the 4 phases of cyclical energies.  You can align these rituals with your feminine, or the lunar cycle, do it over 4 sweet days. Or do the rituals on an as-need as-intuition-calls basis.  


The Experience is designed for women who seek inner peace, mental clarity and a stronger intuitive muscle, so that you can begin to honor your make-the-world-a-better-place soul calling.


It’s for you if you’re ready to step out of your WTF overwhelm (anyone watch the news lately?) to a place of calm and grounded confidence, so you can slow down, exhale and relax in a way that:

>> Attracts more ease and flow

>> Evokes a lasting sense of inner peace and trust

>> Connects you with your body, heart and soul's wisdom

>> Boosts your creativity and focus

>> Optimizes your efficiency and productivity

>> Brings deep joy and pleasure into your day-to-day life


$27.00 USD




Want to use your Sacred Pause to quantum leap your personal growth!

Gain access to my Sacred Pause Experience™ PLAYBOOK to accelerate and deepen your transformation into the woman you were born to be.  

  • Mantras crafted to help you adopt a mindset that will ensure you honor your sacred pause experience from a place of trust and self-love
  • Journal prompts for each ritual, designed to help you use your Sacred Pause Experience to get answers that will guide you to a more authentic and bold version of yourself.