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Captivate & convert your soulmate clients by showing up as your whole & holy self. 


It’s time to attract and serve clients that align with your true calling.


Our day-to-day business operations and personal purpose can feel like two very separate things.


Perhaps you have an inkling or quiet wish that your work felt more fluid with who you are as a woman and more naturally aligned with the values you keep as an individual.


Business can be incredibly profitable and wildly fulfilling, I promise, but it takes some intention to get there.

Through the Soul Messaging package, we identify the sacred purpose of your business and then articulate that unique, soul-led mission through clear compelling messaging that resonates with your ideal audience.


You'll finally be free of head fog, writers block and the overwhelm of a blank page, armed with potent Soul Messaging that connects, captivates and converts your soulmate clients while empowering you to unapologetically share your magic with those who need your work.




My starter package — a do-it-for-you service that employs my proven soul voice activation™ method to provide you with the following life-long business assets:

  • Soul Purpose

  • Soul-led business mission

  • Business values

  • Service promise/ niche statement

  • 3-5 core messages  


If you're ready bring your soul online so you can make the impact you're here to make, let's talk.


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If you struggle with streamlining the messaging in your latest offering or updating your brand story, you need to call Alexandra.


Her Soul Voice Activation method pulls deep, important details from your body of work to connect with your soul clients. She got me out of my head so I could speak from my heart — in words that my ideal audience responds to.

In addition to a landing page and about page that reflect the essence of my current work, I now have a treasure chest of soundbites to share in social posts, podcast titles and blog posts. So much was accomplished in a short time.

Thanks for holding space for and expertly guiding my through this project Alexandra!


~ Sheila Botelho, Self-care strategist for life & business,



Before I worked with Alex, I was struggling with articulating what I do and lacked the confidence to put my whole self out there.


Alex's Soul Voice Activation method will get you over the hump in no time. She has a magical way of supporting your connection with your unique offering and your soul's deep knowing of it. I will definitely work with Alex again! 


~  Aleen Raybin, Therapist & Ceremonialist, @aleen_raybin



My soul messaging work with Alex was amazing. We started with a guided journey and things that I hadn't even considered came through. 


It was a divine experience that gave me the clarity and confidence required in the creation of my soul-based messaging. I will definitely be working with Alex again in the future. 


~  Erica Voell, Breathwork & Certified Dragontree Life Coach. ,



I walked away from our soul messaging work with absolute clarity. Alex took me on a magnificent soul journey where I was able to get deeper into my soul than ever before. She helped me find the tools and words that I needed to build the business that was already inside me. Her Soul Voice Activation method enabled me to unlock a blueprint — an entire guidebook living in me.


I would 10/10 recommend Alex’s messaging services. The journey she took me on was — simply put — magical. If you're struggling with your messaging at all, work with Alex. She has a gift of helping you find the tools you need to succeed that have been within you all along. 


~ Emily Elizabeth Brown

I'm all about showing up whole & sharing what it means to live a soul-led life, even when it's scary as f*ck. 


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