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7 Surprisingly Sexy Results You Get From Cyclical Living


I'm one of those people who LOVES planning life out!

And, like many modern women, my life is a full one. I've got 3 kids, a house to co-manage with my man, and a business to run.

And as I've gotten to know and accept myself more completely, I've come to learn that in order to be the best I can be — for myself and those around me — I need  time to process and reflect and rest. To simple BE.

When I don't honor this basic "BE need" my productivity levels crash.

But here's the thing...for eons, I couldn't find a time management system that supported me to honor my "BE need".


Because none of them took the cyclical nature of my body into account.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but stay with me because I've learned something super interesting that could change your life and it is this...

Just as the Earth is primed to do certain things in certain seasons, women's bodies are also wired to optimally do certain things at certain times of...

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What if I told you that the way you manage your energy and time is defined by a system designed by, and made for humans without wombs? 


(This should not come as a complete surprise ‍).


And what if, in addition to all the other shit the patriarchy has shoveled our way, it’s also managed to convince us that unless we fit our bodies into a no-womb way of being, we’re hormonal and weak and irrational and…the list goes on. 


Hmmm ...


The truth is that women are cyclical beings with the power to create and give life (irrespective of whether we chose to, or not). 


Having a monthly cycle is not an inconvenience. It's our super power. 


We just don't know how to harness it. 


So we continue living the way we’ve been taught — as though we should be wired like humans without wombs. And it isn't working for us.


I'd like to introduce a new way of doing life —a...

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