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A Poetic Note

Hi, I'm Alexandra Raquel and in March of this year I took my Sacred Pause. 


My Sacred Pause looked like

Time in the garden

Sitting and listening to the birds and the wind

To the messages from within. 


Planting seeds or watering seedlings

Full moon ritual bon fires. 


Long, hot baths in candlelight

Music, or meditations or astrology podcasts.  


I wrote.

I read.

I talked with my Sisters

And my therapist. 


I walked

I danced 

Mindful workouts to shake out the stuff that had weighed me down for so long.


During these walks and workouts…

During these baths and bonfires...

And woven through the magical moments of my Sacred Pause, something beautiful emerged: 


A sense of Full-Aliveness

A healing

A wholeness 

A clear sense of who I am, and what I’m here to do.


I became excited about those parts of myself that I used to hide

My witchy, moon following, Andean Priestess, fierce...

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