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Hey, I'm Alex.


Over the last 20 years, I've worked with best selling women authors,  accomplished thought leaders, trailblazing feminist business founders, internationally renown development organizations — all navigating their soul mission to change our beloved home 🌍 for the better through their services.   

I'm Alex, a Priestess, soul activator, whisperer & intuitive word witch.


My mission is to awaken your soul & help you show up whole so you can honor your mission & change worlds — all while creating a life that feels sacred & turns you on.


I spent over a decade traveling the world while growing a business and raising a family — all the while doubting and twisting myself into a pretzel, making sure my needs, business and dreams were convenient for everyone around me. 


I stopped watering it all down when 2020 brought soul on-line and I realized I'd been living in a broom closet — showing up as only a fraction of who I was born to be.


Led by the Goddess, I embraced my whole witchy self and began a long healing journey of reprograming outdated patterns, reconnecting with my deepest desires, realigning my life with my soul's calling and harnessing the courage to embody an internally liberated, whole & holy version of myself. 


I said no more to moving around the world as a trailing spouse and yes to centering my needs and dreams in my life. We settled in the city I was called to, and bought a dream home in the neighborhood that had come to me in visions.


I  began to channel, create and offer life-changing services for women ready to detox their own patriarchal conditioning and activate their soul's ancient wisdom. In 2021, I upped the ante when I founded the Witchhunt podcast — listen in, here. And in 2023, I drew on my 11+ years as a writer and messaging maven to service established women founders in identifying the sacred purpose of their business, and articulating it through clear compelling messaging that magnetizes their ideal audience. 


Today, as my 18-year old daughter puts it, I'm living my best life as I help accomplished out-of-the-box women wake up to the wisdom of their soul so they too can experience internal liberation and embody sovereign feminine leadership.


What an absolute honor and privilege it is to witness woman after woman take full ownership of her life, as she steps into thetruth & power of the woman she was born to be — through soul work & sacred ceremony. 


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The more personal deets.


I was born to the daughter of a humble indigenous Quechua woman who made her way up the ranks of domestic servitude, marrying the German-American manager of an American-owned mine in Potosi, Bolivia —  my grandfather, Wally. My father was born to an Acadian Marie, and a Ukranian military man. In 1969, he fell in love with his interpreter at the Canadian Embassy in Lima — my mother. 

I was both celebrated by my grandmother for having been born light skinned and blond and raised with the teachings of my indigenous maternal line.

I've been writing from the heart since I could hold a crayon, writing for a cause since I was a teen and converting clients on-line through soul-led messaging for over 11 years.

I've known great privilege. And I've known years of eating lentils as daughter of a Latina immigrant single mom, struggling to make ends meet.

I've lived in 8 countries on 4 continents, speak 4 languages and before I founded my practice, I got lots of scholarships and worked really hard. I hold an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Sussex, in the UK, and a BA in Environmental Studies from Carleton University, Canada. 

Today I live in what was originally named by the Mohawk peoples as Tkaronto, colonially named Toronto. I hold in sacred reverence the traditional lands and those who have stewarded them, including the many nations of Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. 

My Brazilian Astrologist, Carla Del Soldato, told me that in multiple past lives I lost myself in my role as a mother, and in other lives, in the rigid rules that defined my responsibilities as a Priestess. This Earth walk is an invitation for me to step into my sovereignty as an individuated woman and mother, and to make my own rules as a Priestess.

To lead other women along this path is my soul mission. 

To this end, each and every day I bow in gratitude and seek guidance from our beloved Pachamama (Mother Earth), Inti (Father Sun) and Quilla (Moon Goddess).

Meanwhile, in the 3D realm, my 3 teens and man continue to be my biggest teachers —helping me keep it real.

I'm all about showing up whole & sharing what it means to live a soul-led life, even when it's scary as f*ck. 


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